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I completed my one month yoga course! Yay me ๐Ÿ˜‰ I left the Sivananda Ashram earlier than most at about 7am and shared a taxi to Varkala with a few girls from the Ashram. Varkala is a small beach town in Kerala,ย south India. It’s most famous for its beach which is overlooked by a stunning palm tree lined red cliff. As soon as we arrived I dumped my backpack off at Hill View Hotel and went for breakfast.

Varkala beach is gorgeous and I love it! There are loads of little hippie cafes all along the cliff so you have a beautiful view of the beach and can listen to the ocean while you drink your Kerala coffee. Funnily enough I kept bumping into so many people from my yoga course. I guess we all shared the same plans of hitting up Varkala Beach afterwards. I had a cheese and pineapple salad for lunch then sun bathed and swam in the sea all afternoon… total paradise!

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The Varkala Bhang Lassi That Blew My Head Off

Later on in the day I met a nice guy called Pierre and gave him a quick yoga class on the beach and we sat and chatted through a pink sunset and into the night. We met a bit later for a dinner with some other friends and I made the huge mistake of trying an extra specialย Bhang Lassi. It tasted delicious so I knocked it back pretty quickly. Yes it happened to be rammed with hash but I didn’t think it would be particularly strong because it was so cheap. HOW WRONG!!! OMG! It blew my freaking head off.

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I love a lassi, lassi drinks have yogurt in them, natural ones are a bit salty but you can have any flavor really, mango is one of my favorites. Anyway, I was totally sh*t faced. How not yoga teacher like… cringe… and the first night after my amazingly spiritual one month yoga TTC course. Where’s a face palm emoji when I need one? A friend had to help me back to my room because I couldn’t walk straight which is not ideal when you’re on a cliff face. India Backpacker Bhang Lassi Incident: It was only 8pm but I was so completely wasted I fell asleep with my shoes on and missed my last evening in Varkala. #india #travel #backpacker Click To Tweet

The next morning I tried to redeem myself by dragging my bad Bhang butt to the beach at 6am to do a head stand.

Varkala Beach India

Doing some early morning yoga on Varkala Beach

I was the first one there and then a few of my new yogi friends joined me. I missed my 8am train to Kochi (fail) but got the 11am instead (win) and the train journey was so lovely with coffee and chai on tap (another win). Onwards and upwards… Goodbye Varkala!

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