The Scandinavian country of Denmark is famous for being one of the happiest countries in the world.  Denmark is the smallest of the Nordic countries and linked to nearby Sweden via the Öresund bridge. Copenhagen, its capital, is home to royal palaces and the captivating Nyhavn harbor, plus the iconic “Little Mermaid” statue and the Tivoli amusement park. Thanks to the Danish monarchy, a popular institution in Denmark and one of the oldest in the world, a treasure trove of castles, palaces and imperial homes can be found here. Not to mention an abundance of art, museums and stunning landscapes.

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Denmark travel tips for women travelers in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Explore Copenhagen

Copenhagen is considered to be one of the happiest, safest and most friendly cities in the world. It’s also the epitome of Scandi cool. The rich culture, fascinating architecture, great nightlife, delicious food, and all round happy, positive vibes make Copenhagen a must visit city. Hire a bicycle for the day and don’t miss dining at the Michelin-starred Noma, one of the most famous restaurants in the world, which happens to be in Copenhagen.

Tivoli Garden

Visit this amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen. The park opened in 1843 which makes it the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world. There’s rides, games, musicals, ballet performances and major concerts here. Located just a few minutes walk from City Hall, Tivoli Gardens is a must for all visitors to the city, young and old.

Nyhavn Canal

Nyhavn is a 17th century canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen. Stretching from Kongens Nytorv to the harbor front, south of the Royal Playhouse, it’s lined by brightly colored 17th and early 18th century houses, chic bars, outdoor cafes and restaurants. The famous Danish fairytale writer, Hans Christian Andersen, used to live in no. 20. This is where he wrote the fairy-tales ‘The Tinderbox’, ‘Little Claus and Big Claus’, and ‘The Princess and the Pea’. He also lived twenty years in no. 67 and two years in no. 18.


Explore an ancient Danish city! With its 1000 years of history, Roskilde offers world-class attractions and sights and is just 25 minutes from Copenhagen. A city of both kings and Vikings, the Gothic, twin-spired Roskilde Cathedral is the final resting place of 38 Danish monarchs. Next to its harbor, the Viking Ship Museum has 11th-century vessels and an active boatyard. The nearby Museum of Contemporary Art sits in a former royal mansion.

Boserup Skov, Roskilde, Denmark

Boserup Skov, Roskilde, Denmark

Thy National Park

Thy is the first and largest National Park in Denmark. Explore the unique landscape of National Park Thy, in the western part of North Jutland. One of Denmark’s handful of newly protected spaces, Thy National Park stretches 55km south along the North Sea coast from Hanstholm to Agger Tange. Visit this park to experience sandy beaches, beautiful moors and incredible wildlife.

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Rock Festival, Roskilde

A four day celebration of togetherness and community, the Roskilde Festival is held in June/July each year, 25 minutes from Copenhagen in south Roskilde. One of the largest music festivals in Europe and the largest in Northern Europe. Roskilde Rock Festival was created in the early seventies by a pair of high school students.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

More than 250,000 people make Copenhagen Jazz Festival, held annually in July, one of the biggest and best jazz events in Europe. Copenhagen Jazz Festival was established in 1979, but beginning in 1964 Tivoli Gardens presented a series of concerts under the name Copenhagen Jazz Festival with Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and many others. There’s around 100 venues across the capital with 1000 concerts. Copenhagen come alive to the sound of jazz being played in the streets and cafes.

Skanderborg Festival

Smukfest, also known as Skanderborg Festival, is a Danish music festival that takes place every summer during the second weekend of August. It’s location, in a beech forest in the vicinity of Skanderborg, has given rise to the slogan “Denmarks’ Most Beautiful Festival”.

Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark


Language: The official language of Denmark is Danish but Norwegian and Swedish are also spoken in some parts of the country. English is also widely spoken as many people who live in Denmark are fluent in English.

Currency: Danish Krone.

Visa: Visiting Denmark will usually require a valid passport and visa for anyone that is not from the European Union. Use these free online visa checker and calculator tools so you know if a visa for Denmark is required (which will depend on the country you are from) and if so, how long it will take to process your visa and the cost.

Electricity: In Denmark the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You can use your electric appliances in Denmark, if the standard voltage in your country is between 220 – 240 V (as is in the UK, Europe, Australia and most of Asia and Africa). Buy a Universal Travel Adapter so you don’t need to keep buying new adapters for each new country you visit.

Denmark travel tips for women travelers in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe

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Some of the most delicious, traditional dishes that you must try when in Denmark are listed below.

What to eat in Denmark

Famous pastries in Copenhagen

Smørrebrød: A traditional Scandinavian open-faced sandwich that usually consists of a piece of buttered rye bread, a dense, dark brown bread, topped with commercial or homemade cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese or spreads. In a country where simplicity reigns, the unpretentious Smørrebrød is a national dish.

Frikadeller: The term frikadelle is German but Frikadeller originates from Denmark, where they make these delicious meat patties, out of ground meat. Danish pork meatballs is one of the most popular national dishes in Denmark.

Fiskefrikadeller: If Danes like something more than meat balls, its fiskefrikadeller. These are fish cakes made of white fish, onion, lemon, parsley, pepper, and salt. It is served with cucumber and remoulade, a Danish sauce.

Durum Shawarma: The dish was brought into Denmark by Pakistani and Turkish refugees. Some started their restaurants and introduced some Middle Eastern dishes to Denmark. Durum Shawarma is one of them and it’s made of lamb, chicken or beef flavored with original spices and fresh ingredients.

Falafel: This is traditionally an Egyptian dish that entered Denmark through the same route as Durum Shawarma. Today it is one of the most popular meals in Copenhagen.


Denmark is a reasonably affordable place to visit. Finding excellent accommodation in Denmark is super easy because there’s so many options whatever your budget.

Kronborg, Helsingør, Denmark

Kronborg, Helsingør, Denmark

Hostels and dormitories make travel to Denmark affordable for backpackers and any travelers on a shoe-string budget. Whether you’re a backpacker, flash-packer or a luxury vacationer, Denmark will not disappoint you. A basic hotel room in Denmark can cost less than 100 euros.

If you’re looking for accommodation that includes luxury amenities and comforts then there will be endless options to choose from in the big cities and popular tourist hotspots like Copenhagen, Århus or Odense. Whatever month you choose to visit Denmark, it’s wise to book your accommodation in advance. Don’t wait until you arrive to see what’s available or you may be disappointed to find that all the best places to stay have been snapped up already. Denmark is an extremely popular year-round destination with business travelers and backpackers.

Jetset Bunny recommends using Booking.com for the best accommodation deals in Denmark. However, if you are backpacking in Denmark or traveling on a tight budget then Hostel World is another great option. Staying in hostels makes travel in Denmark very affordable and is also a great way to meet new travel buddies where ever you go.


Copenhagen Nyhavn København Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark (Nyhavn København)


The best time to visit Denmark is in May and June or September and October when the weather is reliably sunny. It is also less crowded at these times than the summer months of July and August which are high season and can be very hot, more expensive and extremely crowded, especially during the afternoons.


Denmark is generally an affordable destination for travelers on all budgets. The cost of your trip to Denmark really depends on the level of comfort you want. If you are backpacking and planning on staying in dormitories, hostels and eating fast food then budget between 50 to 100 euros per day. If you prefer to stay in 3-4 star hotel rooms and eat in mid-range restaurants you could spend anywhere between 100 to 200 euros per day. If you want to enjoy luxury 4-5 star accommodation and gourmet restaurants then budget at least 200 to 500+ euros per day.


Safety does not need to be a huge concern for women travelers in Denmark which is considered a generally very safe country to visit. As with any country you visit, always be extra careful when walking alone or at night. Some parts of Denmark aren’t as safe as other areas so do your research before you go and avoid these places. Based on many years of travel in Europe I would never leave home without insurance and recommend checking out the travel insurance plan that World Nomads can offer you a few weeks before your Denmark trip.





Packing for a trip to Denmark, like most other places in Europe, is a breeze. You really don’t need as much travel gear as you may think for a trip to Denmark.

All Seasons Denmark Packing List For Women Travelers That said, the gear you do bring on your trip should be the very best option available for you and that doesn’t always mean the most expensive. Jetset Bunnies around the globe are always discovering the latest and the greatest in travel gear for women and this is where we share our awesome finds with you.

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If you’re visiting Denmark during the warmer months it will be much easier to travel light. Pack mainly lightweight and breathable clothing but still be prepared for cold mornings and evenings depending on the month you visit. You’ll need to wrap up warm between November and February. So pack a warm sweater, waterproof coat, gloves, scarves and a wooly hat if you’re traveling during winter.

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Other essential items to pack for a trip to Denmark include, most importantly, a good quality travel backpack. Choose the brand carefully and make sure you find the right size backpack for your torso. Believe me, doing this will make all the difference and prevent major backache. Read our related blog post with advice on how to choose the best backpacks for women travelers. Smaller items to pack include a padlock, sleep sheet and a money belt to keep important documents close to you.


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