Traveller Nam is the Hong Kong native and travel blogger we want to know more about this week! Nam believes that everyone should go and see the world in their own way and she makes a point of not telling her blog readers how to travel. Whether you see yourself as a Traveler or a Tourist… it’s ok with Nam. At Laugh Travel Eat Nam’s goal is to simply share her own personal travel experiences and photos (and sometimes those of her Twin and her friends) so you can make up your own mind and do things your own way too. Geology graduate Nam loves everything about travel… except the jet-lag!

Tell us about Laugh Travel Eat and how you became a travel blogger?

My travel blog, Laugh Travel Eat, is where I write about hiking, travel itineraries, and trips around Hong Kong and Asia mostly. I started when I was in my last year of university, with the idea forming after I took a summer travel writing course. I ended up starting the blog when I was the travel editor of my university’s newspaper to write more personal pieces and then started to take it seriously after graduation.


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What do you love most about being a travel blogger?

I love creating content but the best moments are when people comment or email me to let me know that my blog post have helped them during their travels!

Name your 5 favorite places that you’ve visited so far

In no particular order, I would return to Berlin in a heartbeat, but also because it’s where I started travel writing. Bali is a place that lived up to its expectation and I honestly would move there if I know how to ride a scooter. Chiang Mai is another crowd favorite with temples, amazing restaurants and best of all: cheap massage places. I can’t for the life of me pick a place out of the whole of Italy, although if I must it would probably be the Aeolian Islands. Of course, it wouldn’t be right if I don’t mention my beloved Hong Kong!

Travel Blogger Nam at Laugh Travel Eat

Chiang Mai, Thailand

What’s your most memorable travel experience so far?

There are so many, but I guess if I have to pick one, it was my solo trip through Bohinj in Slovenia. I was on my own but determined to not let it stop me from hiking and cycling through the countryside. Of course, I did it with an offline map and made sure people knew where I was!

Travel Blogger Nam at Laugh Travel Eat

Mostnica Gorge, Slovenia

What’s your biggest major travel fail so far?

I had a Vietnam visa problem that was purely my fault. I assumed I could use my British Passport Visa Exemption to enter, but it turns out because I was there less than 30 days before, I couldn’t. I ended up having to apply for a rush visa letter and book another flight to be able to continue my itinerary. I slept in an airport that night and 100% learned my lesson.

Travel Blogger Nam at Laugh Travel Eat

Ninh Binh Vietnam

What’s the one thing you’d never travel without?

My camera (Olympus E10 Mark III) if I have to pick one! It doesn’t feel right if I can’t take photos of my trips.

Name your 3 carry on essentials that you bring with you on every flight

Hydration mist, because flights can be very drying. Eye drops for the same reason, and my kindle to keep me entertained!

Based on your travels so far, where have you visited that you would love to go back to and why?

Right now it’d have to be Nepal. I absolutely loved my time there, even though hiking for five days straight was exhausting. I have seen their capital and one of their many hiking trails, so there are plenty more to discover. Did you know that there are rhinos?

Travel Blogger Nam at Laugh Travel Eat

Poon Hill trek in Nepal

What do you love most about coming home after a long trip?

Being able to wash everything and hang them up and sleep in my own bed. To have my work station set-up back!

When not on the road describe a typical day spent at home and where is ‘home’ for you?

I am based in Hong Kong and my typical day is rather boring. I’ll be working on my laptop, setting myself a task list daily working on the blog or writing freelance article. Sometimes I’ll squeeze in a yoga session in the afternoon and watch TV with my family in the evening.

Travel Blogger Nam at Laugh Travel Eat

At home in Hong Kong

What’s on your future travel bucket list and where are you off to next?

Sri Lanka, I’m trying to plan a trip there next year and drive across the country on a Tuk Tuk. Fingers crossed it’ll plan out. I’m going to Singapore and Bali in October, I am excited to revisit both places and to explore it some more.

What advice would you give an apprehensive best friend about traveling solo?

It might seem scary at first, but I highly recommend everyone to give solo travel a go because you get to really go outside your comfort zone and learn about yourself. I learned that I’m a fairly un-spontaneous person and have to plan things in advance or would end up catatonic.

Quick Questions

I’m deeply inspired by: Driven, creative people, too many to count!
My latest obsession is: Aerial yoga, it’s way more fun and doesn’t hurt my knees.
#1 place I love: Maldives, you can’t not love the water.
#1 place I hate: I don’t have one, hate is a strong word.
Easiest place to travel solo: Western Europe in general is pretty easy!
Best place to party with friends: London
Most romantic place in the world is: Verona – it’s called the city of love for a reason!
My favorite travel quote is: Those who don’t travel read only one page.

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