Dreaming of Traveling – Traveling for Dreaming? Meet Hanna, the travel blogger behind Reaching Hot. As the name of her travel blog suggests, Hanna highly appreciates reaching a place that can provide a good dose of hot weather. Unsurprising really, considering that she’s from chilly but chic Finland. Hanna’s reaching hot nirvana appears to be whenever in Thailand – the destination that ignited her wanderlust and left her severely bitten by the travel bug one decade ago. Read our interview with Hanna for more on her passion for sunny climates and worldwide travel.

Tell us about your travel website and how you became a travel blogger?

My name is Hanna and I’m from Finland which is a cold, freezing piece of land located in Northern Europe. I was born with the travel gene and that is why I’m an eternal dreamer. I’ve graduated with a degree in Tourism Management and turned my passion into a profession. After working in different fields within the industry I decided to start sharing my own tips and thoughts to help others make the most out of their journeys.

Reaching Hot Travel Blog, Travel Blogger

I love the sun and warmth!

My travel blog Reachinghot.com consists of tips for easier traveling based on my insight from working within the industry of dreams, my thoughts on various hot topics related to traveling and tourism that I find important to share and experiences and recommendations from my travels from around the world. I focus on affordable luxury which means that I can stay in a bungalow with a fan and occasionally taste the luxury of a 4-star hotel. I’m not the typical backpacker who only stays at hostels but I still try to see the world with an affordable budget.

Reaching Hot, Travel Blogger

It’s sometimes warm in Finland too!

When did you first get the travel bug and how long have you been traveling for?

I have always been intrigued by traveling. When I was a little girl I used to read travel
 magazines and travel catalogues by tour operators on my summer holidays. The real bite of the travel bug got me in 2008 when I visited Thailand for the first time with my family and there I decided that this will be the place where I will work in the future. Four years later I found myself studying tourism and working in Thailand!

Reaching Hot Travel Blog, Travel Blogger

I fell in love with the beautiful villages of Cinque Terre in Italy.

What motivates and inspires you to travel so often and so far?

This one is easy! I want to get to know new cultures and I want to see more and more amazing places that this planet has to offer. I’m interested in people and I try to get to know locals when I travel. I have many friends around the globe and they are also my inspiration to travel.

Reaching Hot Travel Blog, Travel Blogger

Enjoying the breeze of Como Lake, Italy

Name your 5 favorite places that you’ve visited so far

I think it’s always hard to pick my favourite places because there are so many! Thailand is my number one country and from there I could name so many amazing places. Koh Raya Yai, Koh Jum and Khanom to mention a few. I also liked Singapore a lot and I’ve had plans to return there. I guess now I’ve also said four favourites so one more to go. I would say it is Cinque Terre since I really loved those colorful Italian villages!

What’s your most memorable travel experience so far?

I have to say that the most memorable one was when I first worked in Thailand in a scuba diving company. Meeting new people every day and falling in love with a culture that is very different from the Finnish way of life is something that I will treasure forever. It was just as amazing as I thought!

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Reaching Hot Travel Blog, Travel Blogger

Me in my element on a beach in Thailand!

What place in the world would you recommend everyone should visit at least once and why?

Thailand. But not the most crowded beaches! Head to small islands or some beach town which is not touristy and you will find the real Thai culture. You can try starting with those few places I mentioned earlier, ha!

Based on your travels so far, where have you visited that you would love to go back to and why?

Have I already said Thailand too many times? I feel like it’s my second home since I’ve lived there twice, and I’ve made 5 visits in total there. It’s two years now from my latest trip and I’m already considering returning but I guess I need to see some other places too.

Reaching Hot Travel Blog, Travel Blogger

Viewpoint at Samaná, Dominican Republic

Have you ever visited a place that ended up being a total disappointment?

Total disappointment is a strong expression, but I do have one town I visited that didn’t live up to my expectations. That town is Pula, Croatia. The beaches and vineyards in Pula area are worth visiting but the Pula town was a bit of a letdown. Pula town was just too worn and torn here and there but not in a pretty way. I got my worst ever restaurant experience there and the whole experience of the town just wasn’t what I expected. Unfortunately, I won’t consider returning there.

When not on the road describe a typical day spent at home and where is ‘home’ for you?

I do believe in your home is where your heart is. But at the moment my home is in Finland. I live near the capital city of Helsinki. My typical day consists of working during the daytime like most people. On my free-time I play and coach ultimate frisbee and I also enjoy going to the gym. You have to be fit to be able to walk around the world!

Reaching Hot Travel Blog, Travel Blogger

Exploring the Tallinn Old Town walls in Estonia!

What’s on your future travel bucket list?

Like more than half the world! Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, South America and so many others are on my bucket list. My next trip will be in Europe but I’ve also booked a longer stay in Asia, more about those to come. 😉

Quick-Fire Questions

I’m deeply inspired by: traveling

My latest obsession is: so hard to say but maybe it’s ultimate frisbee

#1 place I love: Thailand

#1 place I hate: Finland when it’s too cold

Easiest place to travel solo is: Finland’s capital Helsinki

Best place to party with friends: is a beach bar in Thailand

Most romantic place in the world is: Koh Raya Yai in Phuket, Thailand

My favorite travel quote is: Dreaming of traveling, traveling for dreaming

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