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No matter how much I try to kid myself that I’m and all seasons girl, no matter how much I try to embrace the winter and its beautiful snowcapped mountain tops, it’s just not me. I get a few weeks in and I’m already dreaming of sipping on cold glasses of chardonnay, sat out on a porch somewhere, breathing the fragrant air and enjoying the sun bathing my previously freezing cold limbs.

It’s true, I’m a summer girl through and through.

If I had my way I’d live a life of endless summers. Dancing in the sunshine, swimming in warm seas and living my life in pretty dresses and sun hats. This being said, you can only imagine how fed up I am of winter now. The novelty of drinking hot chocolates, stuffing myself with comfort food and wearing a billion layers by the fire has long worn off.

There is nothing that excites me more than the impending spring and all the beauty it has to offer. The smell of a new beginning and finally feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin is enough to make me squeal with excitement. So, even though it’s officially still winter time according to the calendar, I’m already day dreaming of sumptuous spring time trips.

Here’s my round-up of the best places to de-thaw this spring time.

Amongst the tulips in Amsterdam, Holland

Top Spring travel destinations

Fields of Tulips in the Netherlands

Possibly one of the most sought after spring time destinations the world over. Amsterdam and its surrounding provinces promise to thrill the senses with thousands of tulips which peak in their blossom during April. Expect to see blankets of colour on every corner. If you’re hoping to see fields full of pink, red, orange and every colour in between then be sure to head to Keukenhof Gardens, and even if you don’t, Amsterdam still promises a city exploding with colour. And, as if the tulips weren’t enough. The annual celebration of King’s day sweeps the nation on the final weekend of April, promising lively street parties and dancing into the early hours.

Admire the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan

Top Spring travel destinations

Cherry Blossom in abundance in Japan

Fancy treating yourself to a longer haul trip? Here’s a once in a lifetime experience you won’t regret.
If you really want to embrace those springtime vibes, then there is really no better place than Japan. The sakura (cherry blossom) season springs into life around April time and marks the closing of the winter months and the beginning of a fresh new season. Sakura is not only about the cherry blossoms, but is a celebration in its own right. Symbolizing renewal and vitality, expect parties and poetry sessions underneath the falling flowers. Make like a local and grab a sushi picnic to enjoy in the endless pink blanketed parks.

Flock to the lavender fields in Provence, France

Top Spring travel destinations

Lavender in Provence

The lavender in Provence, France can bloom anytime between May and June. People flock from all corners of the planet to enjoy the spectacle that is miles and miles of purple blanketed fields.
And if the lavender wasn’t enough to tempt you, Provence also produces some of the finest wines in France. What more could you need for the perfect spring trip?

See the whales at Glacier Bay, Alaska

Top Spring travel destinations

Whale spotting in Alaska

If wildlife is your thing, then there is quite literally no better time to visit Glacier Bay, Alaska. First arrive the grey whales in late April, quickly followed by orcas and humpbacks in May. Spring is peak feeding time and breeding time for whales and there is no better place to get out on a boat and marvel at their beauty.

Bask in endless daylight in San Diego, CA, USA

Top Spring travel destinations

Spring sunshine in San Diego

The only reason you need to visit San Diego in the spring is for its (almost) endless daylight hours. Averaging 13 hours of daylight during the spring season means plenty of time for hitting up tourist attractions, hanging out in parks and enjoying al fresco dining late into the evening. Temperatures are mild and flowers are blooming. There is no better to way to shake off the winter blues and welcome a new season.

So, what are you waiting for? Dust off those tea dresses, locate your sunglasses, spring is getting ready to be sprung. Pick one of our top Spring travel destinations and get out there with a spring in your step.

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Top Places To Visit In Spring

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