Ultimate Bucket Bunny List Of The Top 25 South America Travel Adventures

I made a ridiculously over-ambitious Bucket List as part of an insane (but wonderful) mission to experience the Top 100 Travel Adventures in the world. My wanderlust then got completely out of control as I began creating more Bucket Lists for every continent on the planet. What can I say, I’ve always been a prolific list writer. Below, you will find my carefully curated Bucket List for the Top 25 South America Travel Adventures.

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Each South America Travel Adventure below is in my opinion an experience of a lifetime. As I mentioned already, I don’t have 3 lifetimes, only 1, so completing this South America Bucket List will be a collaborative effort. If we – Jetset Bunnies around the world – can tick off a handful of these travel adventures a year… life couldn’t get more awesome.

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Top 25 South America Travel Adventures

South America travel adventures in no particular order;

Purple = CompletedOrange = Scheduled

1) The Lost World and Angel Falls Trek in Venezuela – Experience the lost world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel. Reach the summit of Mount Roraima and visit Auyan Tepuy from which the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, plunges almost 1000m. Six days are needed to make the trek but the super-fit can do it in five.

2) Glide Over Rio De Janeiro – Feel the thrill while in Brazil! Soar above Rio by hang gliding or paragliding. Read more about this completed top 100 travel adventure here.

Paragliding in Rio de Janeiro

South America Travel Adventures – Paragliding Over Rio

3) Visit the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador – About 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador, getting here is half the adventure! The Galápagos Islands offer wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on earth. This remote archipelago is a land of lava formations, cactus forests, green highlands, turquoise bays and tropical beaches.

4) Camp on the Bolivia Salt Flats – Bolivia is home to the world’s largest salt flats which are one of the top bucket list destinations in South America. As an added bonus, the pink flamingos look fabulous against the vast salty white backdrop.

South America Travel Adventures - Bolivia Salt Flats

South America Travel Adventures – Bolivia Salt Flats

5) Guyana Jungle Trekking to Kaieteur Falls – Journey to majestic Kaieteur Falls by trekking the undiscovered rainforest wilderness of Guyana. Travel by foot and by canoe, through wildlife rich forests, to see the world’s highest single-drop waterfall in the world, 5 times the height of the Niagara Falls.

6) Cotopaxi Horse Trekking, Ecuador – Experience Ecuador’s different landscapes, mountains, forests and indigenous communities found near the Cotopaxi National Park while on horseback.

South America Travel Adventures - Horse Trekking, Ecuador

South America Travel Adventures – Horse Trekking, Ecuador

7) Death Road Mountain Biking – Death road in La Paz, Bolivia, is known as the World’s Most Dangerous Road and hundreds have died here since it opened (just adrenaline junkies ticking off Bucket Lists – you’ll be fine!). There’s extreme drop-offs of at least 1,800 ft on curves, the road is only slightly wider than a single-lane and you have occasional on coming buses to watch out for, all while feeling the wind in your hair! Prepare a will.

8) Iguazu Falls, Brazil – Feel the spray of the waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná. Together, they make up the largest waterfall system in the world. Read more about this completed top 100 travel adventure here.

South America Travel Adventures - Iguazu Falls

South America Travel Adventures – Iguazu Falls

9) Hike Guatemala’s Ring of Fire – A hiking vacation you will never forget! Explore Mayan culture among Guatemala’s beautiful volcanoes. Start in the town of La Antigua and carry on west into the mountains.

10) Valley of the Moon, Chile – Valle de la Luna, aka Valley of the Moon, is a valley in Los Flamencos National Reserve, in northern Chile’s Atacama Desert. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile due to its dramatic, moonlike landscape of rugged mountains and peculiar rock formations. Bike trails lead to the valley from the nearby town of San Pedro de Atacama where you can also take a Moon Valley & Death Valley Tour.

11) Philippines Kayak Sea Safari – A snorkeling sea safari that takes you through the islands west of Coron Town to explore reefs and shipwrecks, and paddle through mangroves.

12) Cocora Valley – Hiking Colombia’s Cocora Valley, just outside the pretty little town of Salento, is top of most Colombian travelers Bucket lists these days. High in the Colombian Andes in Los Nevados National Natural Park, you’ll find the or Cocora Valley or Valle de Cocora. The spectacular trails take in cloud forest, jungle, farmland and the tallest palm trees in the world; the Quindío wax palm.

13) Machu Picchu, Peru – Hike the Inca Trail over high passes with unforgettable views, through cloud forests, and into subtropical vegetation before arriving at Machu Picchu. Read more about this completed Top 100 Travel Adventure here.

South America Travel Adventures - Machu Picchu

South America Travel Adventures – Machu Picchu

14) Ciudad Perdida, Colombia – An amazing travel adventure in Colombia, the Ciudad Perdida hike to the Lost City would be an unforgettable experience.

15) Amazon River Cruise, Brazil – The Amazon River is the longest river in the world and a life force to 9 different countries. A cruise on the Amazon would be a river cruise like no other on Earth.

16) Trek the W in Torres del Paine, Chile – The visually stunning W Trek highlights the best of Torres del Paine such as the Grey Glacier, French Valley and the base of the Towers – a Bucket List must.

South America Travel Adventures - Torres del Paine, Chile

South America Travel Adventures – Torres del Paine, Chile

17) Rio de Janeiro Carnival – Held every year before Lent and considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day parading and partying on the streets of Rio, Brazil.

18) White Water Rafting, Costa Rica – Take the plunge on a fun-filled, whitewater rafting excursion between Arenal and San Jose in Costa Rica.

19) Macaw Research Expedition, Peru – The Tambopata Macaw Project is a long term research project on the ecology and conservation of macaws and parrots in south-east Peru.

South America Travel Adventures - Macaw Expedition Peru

South America Travel Adventures – Macaw and Parrot Expedition, Peru

20) Riverboat Cruise in Yasuni National Park – Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park is one of the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots deep in the Amazon rainforest.

21) Day of the Dead Festival – Despite the sombre theme, death, “Dia De Los Muertes” is over two days and an explosion of color, fun costumes and joyful celebrations to show love and respect for deceased family members.

22) Easter Island 3 Summits in Chile – Easter Island is a Chilean island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the southeastern most point of the Polynesian Triangle in Oceania. None of the peaks on Easter Island are very high, but they are all very interesting, oh and there’s this…

South America Travel Adventures - Easter Island Chile

South America Travel Adventures – Easter Island, Chile

23) The Ausangate Trek, Peru – This mountain range has several peaks over 6,000 m, including the sacred Ausangate which is the highest mountain in the Cusco region. No permit is needed for the Ausangate trek which is one of the few treks in Peru that you can do on horseback.

24) Amazon Rainforest Trek – The Amazon Rainforest is synonymous with Brazil, and there is a great selection of Amazon tours here. Brazil controls roughly 60% of the Amazon making it an ideal destination to explore the largest tropical rainforest in the world. Famous for its unparalleled biodiversity, the Amazon Rainforest is home to the most extensive array of plants and animals in the world, not to mention the 2.5 million insects.

25) Ice Trekking, Fitz Roy, Patagonia – Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares is Patagonia’s most famous glacier and is also one of the largest and most accessible glaciers in Patagonia. Four to five hours of trekking from El Chalten guesthouses will bring you to this view…

South America Travel Adventures - Trekking Fitz Roy Patagonia

South America Travel Adventures – Trekking, Fitz Roy, Patagonia

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Top 25 South America Travel Adventures for female travelers. Jetset Bunny uncovers the best South America travel adventures in our Ultimate Bucket List.

Top 25 South America Travel Adventures for female travelers. Jetset Bunny uncovers the best South America travel adventures in our Ultimate Bucket List.

Top 25 South America Travel Adventures for female travelers. Jetset Bunny uncovers the best South America travel adventures in our Ultimate Bucket List.

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