Ultimate Bucket Bunny List Of The Top 25 Oceania Travel Adventures

I made a ridiculously over-ambitious Bucket List as part of an insane (but wonderful) mission to experience the Top 100 Travel Adventures in the world. My wanderlust then got completely out of control as I began creating more Bucket Lists for every continent on the planet. What can I say, I’ve always been a prolific list writer. Below, you will find my carefully curated Bucket List for the Top 25 Oceania Travel Adventures.

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Each Oceania Travel Adventure below is in my opinion an experience of a lifetime. As I mentioned already, I don’t have 3 lifetimes, only 1, so completing this Oceania Bucket List will be a collaborative effort. If we – Jetset Bunnies around the world – can tick off a handful of these travel adventures a year… life couldn’t get more awesome.

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Top 25 Oceania Travel Adventures

Oceania travel adventures in no particular order;

Purple = CompletedOrange = Scheduled

1) Pacific Cruise – Explore Fiji, Tonga, Niue and the Cook Islands. Tour a vanilla plantation on Tonga, spot Fiji wood swallows and other birds on the Garden Island of Taveuni and do some snorkeling around Beveridge Reef which is a submerged atoll.

2) Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has some of the best ocean life in the world and is a once in a lifetime destination to scuba dive and snorkel.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Great Barrier Reef

Oceania Travel Adventures – Great Barrier Reef

3) Bush Camping Fraser Island, Australia – Recognized as the world’s largest sand island, enjoy nature and experience this beautiful natural heritage site at it’s best by camping all around the island.

4) Meet The Yolngu in East Arnhem Land – The Yolngu or Yolŋu are indigenous Australian people inhabiting north-eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. Yolngu means “person” in the Yolŋu languages.

Oceania Travel Adventures - The Yolngu in East Arnhem Land Australia

Oceania Travel Adventures – The Yolngu in East Arnhem Land, Australia

5) Larapinta Trail Trek, Australia – The 223 km long Larapinta Trail is one of Australia’s most spectacular bushwalking and trekking experiences.

6) Milford Track, New Zealand – The most famous walk in New Zealand, the Milford Track has been a haven for happy hikers for over 150 years. Admire the pristine lakes, sky-scraping mountain peaks and deep valley views.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Milford Track New Zealand

Oceania Travel Adventures – Milford Track, New Zealand

7) Kayaking in Nelson National Park – Located in the south island of New Zealand, Tasman Bay. Separated by valleys and forests and surrounded by the steep mountains of Rotorua and Rotoiti, Nelson enjoys one of the South Island’s sunniest, warmest and most spectacular coastlines. Kayaking (and canoeing) provides a great opportunity to explore these dramatic coastlines – including the famed Abel Tasman National Park, Golden Bay and the magical Kaiteriteri Beach as well as the rivers and lakes.

8) South Island Expedition – New Zealand’s South Island has vast tracts of wild unpopulated high country just waiting to be explored. Amazing NZ scenery, unique destinations and off the beaten track, what more could you want from an Oceania Travel adventure?

Oceania Travel Adventures - South Island Expedition

Oceania Travel Adventures – South Island Expedition

9) Waitomo Caves Black Water Rafting – Waitomo black water rafting is not for the faint hearted, but is definitely up there with the top Oceania travel adventures. An adrenaline-charged and fun way to explore the stream caves system.

10) Drive a Campervan Across New Zealand – Experience the ultimate freedom of traveling the stunning New Zealand countryside at your own leisure in a campervan. New Zealand is a very campervan friendly destination and this is an amazing (and budget friendly) way to see New Zealand.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Campervan Road Trip New Zealand

Oceania Travel Adventures – Campervan Road Trip New Zealand

11) Outback Camping Safari, Australia – Travel to the heart of Central Australia on an Australian outback tour of Uluru, Coober Pedy, Kings Canyon and the Flinders Ranges. Outback adventures don’t get any better than when in a 4WD!

12) Walk the Tongariro Crossing –  New Zealand’s oldest national park and a dual World Heritage Site. The Tongariro alpine crossing is regarded as the best one-day trek in New Zealand and about a 19.4 km steep journey.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Tongariro Crossing

Oceania Travel Adventures – Tongariro Crossing

13) The Overland Track – Walk through the heart of Tasmania’s World Heritage wilderness on the famous 65 km (40 miles) Overland Track. One of Australia’s most famous hiking tracks, situated in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania. A serious undertaking, for well-prepared walkers, with a good level of fitness.

14) Ayers Rock – This red rock dome is considered as one of the most famous tourist attractions in Australia. A big sandstone monolith in the northern part of Australia and close to Alice Springs in Australia, believed to have started around 550 million years ago.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Uluru Outback Camping Safari Australia

Oceania Travel Adventures – Ayers Rock, Australia

15) Bungee Jump in Queenstown – Maybe the best Oceania travel adventure for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Do a bungee jump in Queenstown, New Zealand which is considered the home of the world’s first bungee jump.

16) Franz Josef Glacier Heli Hike Tour – A helicopter tour that’s guided by a glacier hike where you get to see lots of stunning panoramic views and ice formations.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Franz Josef Glacier Heli Hike

Oceania Travel Adventures – Franz Josef Glacier Heli Hike

17) Raft the Upper Navua River, Fiji – Explore the Upper Navua Gorge on an inflatable raft and admire the black volcanic walls, thrilling rapids, waterfalls and lush forests of Fiji.

18) Fraser Island, Australia – World Heritage Listed Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and the only place on the planet where a rainforest grows on sand! Off Australia’s eastern Queensland coast Fraser Island stretches over 120km. Panoramic viewpoints include Indian Head and the Cathedrals, this amazing camping and ecotourism destination also has beaches and swimming sites at Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby and some other freshwater pools.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Fraser Island Australia

Oceania Travel Adventures – Fraser Island, Australia

19) Kakadu National Park – Covering nearly 20,000 square km of natural beauty and unique biodiversity, Kakadu National Park is teeming with wildlife, cascading waterfalls, rugged escarpments, aboriginal rock art, giant crocodiles and exotic bird life. Find this park in Australia’s Northern Territory and spend time enjoying nature.

20) Explore Tasmania – Diverse landscapes, beaches, parks, forests and mountains,  exceptional hiking, jaw-dropping beautiful beaches, Tasmania is the perfect place for adventure travelers to explore. Take in the Hobart’s attractions, enter the wilderness of Tarkine, hike in Cradle Mountain and see penguins at Bicheno.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Tasmania

Oceania Travel Adventures – Tasmania

21) Fiji Polynesian Passage – Live out a Robinson Crusoe fantasy by paddling the northern most Yasawa islands, west of the Fiji Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Spend a few nights mingling with the natives in a Fijian village and uninhabited island.

22) Australia’s Great Ocean Road – Take in some of the country’s best sights from the height of the Grampians to the shores by the Great Ocean Road. Discover natural wonders such as the towering 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and the surf beaches of Torquay.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Australia's Great Ocean Road

Oceania Travel Adventures – Australia’s Great Ocean Road

23) The Whitsunday Islands – The Whitsundays are made up of 74 Island Wonders, on the tropical coast of Queensland, Australia. Right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, a visit to the Whitsundays is a feast for sore eyes. Most of the islands are uninhabited, so enjoy the solitude, dense rainforests, hiking trails and white sand beaches.

24) Explore Australia’s East Coast – Take a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane to experience Byron Bay, the Hunter Valley, Koala bears, dip in a swimming hole and cruise around Port Macquarie.

Oceania Travel Adventures - Australia East Coast

Oceania Travel Adventures – Australia East Coast

25) Visit the Sydney Opera House – Let’s call this a cultural adventure! Although the only blisters you might get will be from wearing high heels, you can’t not include the Sydney Opera House when creating an Oceania Travel Adventures Bucket List.

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Top 25 Oceania Travel Adventures for women travelers. Travel blog Jetset Bunny uncovers the best Oceania adventure holidays in our Oceania Bucket List.

Top 25 Oceania Travel Adventures for women travelers. Travel blog Jetset Bunny uncovers the best Oceania adventure holidays in our Oceania Bucket List.

Top 25 Oceania Travel Adventures for women travelers. Travel blog Jetset Bunny uncovers the best Oceania adventure holidays in our Oceania Bucket List.

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