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Over the years, I have come to realize that some places are most definitely better than others for us solo female travelers. Gone are the days of relying on men or groups of friends. Solo female travel is taking over the universe and becoming more popular than ever with adventurous women all over the globe. Whilst the world is not as dangerous as some people might have us think, I’m not just talking about safety. Some places are amazing for us solo female travelers simply because it’s easy to make friends and chill out in a comfortable environment. We all need that from time to time.

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Of course, travel is exciting and exhilarating but sometimes it’s nice to lessen our guard and be in an environment we feel easy in for a short while. Whether it’s your first solo adventure or you’re pretty much the professional by now, why not consider one of these amazing places for your next solo female travel adventures?

Reykjavik, Iceland

solo female travellers iceland trip

Solo travel in Iceland!

Iceland is literally one of the safest countries in the world and the crime rate is fast heading towards zero. Not only is it one of the safest countries to visit, English is also widely spoken so you’re going to have no problems communicating, asking for directions or ordering food here.

solo female travellers

Me loving Iceland!

The place is so hassle-free, and locals are friendly and completely non-intimidating. The city is so small that you can basically walk around it, but otherwise, public transport is easy to use here. Plus top Travel Blogger Megan Jerrard says that Iceland is one of her favorite places in the world in the interview we did with her (read it here).

There are so many reasons why Reykjavik would make a great stop on your solo travels. The Northern Lights and the Blue Lagoon to name just two, both of which are on the Jetset Bunny Top 100 Travel Adventures Bucket List.

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Bali, Indonesia

solo female travellers bali trip

Solo travel in Bali!

This should be every solo female traveller’s go to destination. Especially so if you’re into yoga or surfing. I have never visited a place so calm and chilled out. Although it’s most definitely not one of the safest on this list and has its fair share of petty crime, there’s plenty of other reasons that make Bali a great solo travel spot.

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The relaxed vibes here mean that everyone is super friendly, and the place is full to bursting with like-minded solo female travellers, holiday makers, yogis and digital nomads. From the yoga, to the surf, the vegan cafes to the meditation retreats, you’re going to fit in here without any problems at all.

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Toronto, Canada

Apparently, Toronto is pretty safe. Like anywhere in the world there are a few neighborhoods that would be best avoided after dark.

solo female travellers

Toronto is great for solo female travellers

The most appealing thing for a solo female traveller in Toronto has got to be the crazy eclectic vibes. The place is insanely multicultural, and Canadian’s are often named the friendliest people in the world. Be sure to visit the vibrant Kensington Market neighborhood. With constant parties, loads of quirky cafes and bustling bars, you’re bound to make a friend or two. Says it all!

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam’s atmosphere is renowned all over the world for being open, tolerant and relaxed.

solo female travellers

Travelling solo in Amsterdam

To start with, the Dutch people are insanely friendly and laid back, and the city is crazy beautiful. Dutch pubs and cafes make for the perfect comfy places to while away an afternoon and even days. Everyone speaks English in Amsterdam which is always helpful and there is also a large expat/tourist community which means home comforts are never that far away. Plus, its super easy to travel about, just hire a bicycle and cycle away with the locals!

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Singapore is constantly making it onto lists of the safest countries in the world. It’s also one of the cleanest.

solo female travellers

I loved Singapore as a solo female traveller

Although English is somewhat harder here than other places on this list, all the major hotels and hostels will help you out without concern. And, on the note of accommodation, anywhere you chose to stay here will be of a really high quality. The hotels are stunning, hostels are neat, but for a really cool experience be sure to try a capsule hotel.

Singapore is pretty much a shopping and eating haven, so if you’re into this then Singapore is definitely the destination for you. It’s easy to zip around on the MRT and cram in all the must sees. Gardens by the Bay, Chinatown and Universal Studios…the list is endless.

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It’s time, take the plunge, pack those bags and book that ticket. Which destination would you choose for the perfect solo trip?

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Solo Female Travellers Top 5 Destinations

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