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After a pretty enjoyable 2.5 hour bus journey from Jaipur to Ajmer and then another 30 minute bus ride over a mountain I arrived in Pushkar. Leaving Jaipur wasn’t so easy because my rickshaw driver friend who I’d had a dinner with the night before picked me up at 10am to take me to the station but then tried to get me to stay in Jaipur longer by saying there were no trains until later. Dude really come on!

Pushkar is next to the Thar Desert in north east Rajasthan. I know this is crazy but it reminds me a little bit of Hampi and I LOVE IT HERE! It’s probably the hardcore backpacker vibe that does it for me. Loads of cute rooftop cafes to hang out in all day, great shops and the most beautiful lake.

pushkar india

Gorgeous Pushkar sunset!

I had the best buffet meal on my first day here too. It was so good that I had two helpings then when I paid up they brought out honey custard and chocolate sweet dough ball things…. OMG. Can’t remember the name of the place sorry. I loved sitting by the lake at night watching the sunset with loads of other travelers, mainly Israelis. Such a cool ambience with all the drumming and fire dancing going on. Ahhh so dreamy!

The only thing missing was that I felt a bit lonely to be honest and kind of wished I had a travel buddy to enjoy it all with. I actually wrote this in my diary. Then as I was walking down the road I bumped into Claudine. Seriously! We’d met in Kerala briefly because she popped into my ashram there to do a 3 day course and said she was going to be traveling in India for a while afterwards and that we should meet up in the North. I’d just emailed her and then I bump into her on the street (hello… affiliate link coming up…  The Secret).

Baba in Pushka North India

A Holy Man In Pushkar, North India. Yes I was afraid while taking this photo but I took it anyway and then gave him loads of cash and ran away.

I love that about India… weird coincidences. They happen all the time here. It’s either the planets conspiring… or the lonely planet guide keeping us on the same path (more likely the latter). Anyway we’re going to Jaisalmer together in a few days. Yay I have the travel buddy I had wished for one day earlier.

Street Life In Pushkar India

Street Life Pushkar India

I really enjoyed spending a few days in Pushkar and did some great shopping here, ate some delicious food and got into a heated debate with a hippie about Holy Babas smoking hash. You don’t want to know the rest! There’s more to do in Pushkar than this though I was just feeling lazy.

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Top things you can do in Pushkar if you’re not feeling lazy

1) Visit some temples like Mahadeva Temple, Atmeshwar Temple, Savitri and Brahma Temple which are the most popular.

2) Chill out by the Pushkar lake (I was very good at doing this one at least). This is also where they hold the famous Pushkar fair. It’s a sacred lake that Hindu’s visit year round on pilgrimages. I highly recommend finding a nice roof top cafe to do some people and sunset watching (and chai sipping).

Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan, India

Pushkar Lake

3) There’s lots of cooking classes available in Pushkar so if you like what you eat here (and you will) you can learn how to make it yourself. I mean why not poison your loved ones at home?

4) Pushkar Fair is one of the biggest events in India and super famous for just being really cool and the best place to see funky camels dressed up in all their multi colored pom pom bling. Don’t fall in love with a camel now! This is where an Indian Sadhu became famous for lifting a 35 kilo brick with his… well… it rhymes with brick. You can read about this here. You know you want to.

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