I hate snakes but it was impossible to avoid the snake charmers in Sri Lanka. Practically every beach I went to from Unawatuna, Bentota to Hikkaduwa had Sri Lanka snake charmers and usually a little monkey too. I guess it beats selling fruit for these guys and I would like to think this isn’t cruel to the animals but that would probably be kinda naive.

Snake Charmers In Asia

Snake charmers are common in Asia and roam around the beaches and different towns hypnotizing their audience of tourists just as they appear to do their cobras. The snake charmers below waved around an instrument called a pungi which is considered a threat by the snake and so it behaves as though the snake charmer and the pungi are a predator… rising up and being all scary snake-like. I don’t know what precautions they took to ahem stay alive but I assume the venom was taken out as they were handling the snakes rather a lot.

Sri Lanka Snake Charmer

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Sri Lanka Snake Charmers

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Sri Lanka Snake Charmer Snake Charmer Asia Snake Charmer Sri Lanka

Just as I got settled down on the beach with my factor 50 on, book in hand, ready to work on my tan these snake charmers turn up. Should have gone to Benidorm 😉 Click To Tweet

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