I was 32 years old when I first saw snow. Well, real snow at least. It had always been on my wish list and when I finally got the chance to plan a trip that would involve seeing and being in snow, I was obviously quite ecstatic and began thinking about what things you must pack for a snow trip immediately.

Snowcation Packing List: 5 Things You Must Pack For A Snow Trip

This is me enjoying my first snow trip!

You’ve seen it in the movies, you’ve read about it in books, you’ve seen your favourite influencers glide gracefully over the snow taking some amazing videos and pictures – but its only once you experience it for yourself that you realise it’s not all fun and games. Snow is really tricky and if you don’t prepare well enough for it, you can get into some seriously snow-induced uncomfortable trouble!

Snowcation Packing List: 5 Things You Must Pack For A Snow Trip

View over Kufri’s snowfall.

We went to a place called Kufri, near Shimla in Northern India. It had a fresh bout of snowfall and the entire town was covered in white – so white that we had a lot of trouble just getting to our hotel because of landslides and cars breaking down on the road. But the experience overall was amazing and I did love every minute of it.

Snowcation Packing List: 5 Things You Must Pack For A Snow Trip

Beautiful Kufri, Northern India

We visited Kufri in January when the temperatures were a little below freezing, ranging from -5° C to -2° C during the day. Packing for a snow trip is probably the most cumbersome, as you not only have to pack a lot of heavy winter clothes and snow gear, but also light wear for the times when you will be inside getting toasty by a fire and not out in the snow.

Here’s the 5 most useful items you definitely need to pack for your snow trip

Snowcation Packing List: 5 Things You Must Pack For A Snow Trip

1) Chapstick

Do not underestimate the cold – it will crack your lips like hammer to the wall. Moisturizer will be essential for your entire body but pay extra attention to your lips. A good lip balm / Vaseline / Coconut oil or something like the Carmex Click Stick Blister Lip Balm will be needed at all times.

2) Fleece lined layers

If you wear too many layers under your trousers, along with those heavy snow boots, its going to weigh you down and you will tire yourself out quickly. If you have a good pair of fleece lined pants – that either is waterproof or at least quick-dry, that will sort a lot of your problems. It will definitely make your trip super comfortable. Cuddl Duds have great leggings and tops that are perfect for adding layers under your snow gear.

3) Pocket-Sized Sun Screen

Don’t be fooled that sun-screen is only to be used in the summer. There is in fact a high chance of a sun burn on a snow-filled holiday, as the snow reflects almost 90% of the UV radiation, causing it to burn areas like your chin and nose. Also, a pair of sun-glasses is needed to shield your eyes from that overpowering reflective white.

4) Waterproof and insulated ski gloves or mittens with inner layer

I had 2 pairs of gloves on my trip and I would highly recommend them both. The first layer was a silk glove, to keep my hands warm and the layer on top of it was my snow-gloves – to keep my hands from getting wet while I happily played in the snow. Don’t forget to buy gloves (at least for the inner layer) that have touchscreen sensitivity, so that you can use your phone and click those pictures!

5) Waterproof Backpack

You will be surprised at how easily the weather keeps changing and you will constantly need to keep putting on and taking out a few layers. Having a waterproof backpack that allows you to dump stuff in them is a blessing. I stress on the word waterproof, so that you can lay it down anywhere on the snow and it won’t be a problem. A good waterproof women’s backpack is the Deuter Transit 40.

Snowcation Packing List: 5 Things You Must Pack For A Snow Trip

My first trip to see snow

Here’s an extra list of other important things you must pack for a snow trip

  • Thermal inner-wear
  • Waterproof Snow Jacket
  • Sunglasses – The glare from the snow can be hard on your eyes
  • Water Bottle or Hydration Pack.
  • Small Backpack for day trips.
  • Warm hat – Get one without a pom pom so you can wear it under your ski helmet.
  • Pocket tissues – Just because they’re always handy to have.
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Lightweight boots – With a good grip for walking around town.
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Snowcation Packing List: 5 Things You Must Pack For A Snow Trip
Snowcation Packing List: 5 Things You Must Pack For A Snow Trip
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