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Portraits Of Indian Children

The Indian children I met while traveling in India were so incredible, beautiful and cheeky. They were such a delight to photograph. Some children were actively begging, they would tap their mouths with their fingers and hold out their hands. Others were just having fun being kids. Sorry about the piss poor quality, these were all taken on film back when dinosaurs were roaming the planet and I had to scan them in.

Baby In India


Child In India


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Hampi Boy and Buffalo In Water


Jaisalmer Family Day

Indian Children With Family in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer India Child


Mysore Beggar Children India

Indian Children Begging in Mysore

Portrait India Beggar Children


Portrait Indian Children With Blue Door

Cheeky Child in Jodhpur

Portrait Indian Children Hampi


Portrait Indian Child Blue Dress


Portrait Mysore Child Blue Door


Portrait Mysore Indian Children


Indian Children Varanassi Girl By Water


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