The thing that really stands out in my mind when I think about my trip to Sri Lanka is the conversations I shared with the locals. They were so open and friendly and it made a refreshing change for me. I felt my hard Londoner self slowly dissolving away as I opened up, embracing strangers rather than ignoring them. It was a novelty as a Londoner that’s for sure.

Here are my favorite Sri Lanka portraits

Sri Lanka Beach Woman Portrait

A beautiful young woman selling sarongs on Hikkaduwa beach. Not sure she liked me much 😉

Sri Lanka Ladies On Beach

Ladies enjoying an evening stroll along the Beach.

Bentota, Sri Lanka Rickshaw Driver

Bentota Rickshaw Driver

Sri Lanka Coconut Lady

Coconuts on the beach

Mother & Child Sri Lanka

Mother & Child

Snake Charmer Sri Lanka

Brave Snake Charmer

Sri Lanka Lady With Coconut

I talked to this lady for about an hour, she was not in a good place. She seemed fearful and really worried. I couldn’t understand her English very well but I believe she was feeling desperate about the Tamil Tigers. She clearly knew what was coming and I wonder if she’s alive today.

Sri Lanka Beach Ladies

Beach Ladies

Sri Lanka Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Sri Lanka Sunset & Child

Gorgeous little silhouette!

These pictures were taken before the Sri Lankan civil war and I since watched a documentary called Sri Lanka’s Killing fields. It was one of the most graphic documentaries ever shown in the UK. It was devastating and harrowing. My heart breaks for all of these people.

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