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Travelers already have so many great choices for things to do in Switzerland. So when you visit this great country you may need a bucket list! Switzerland is most famous for it’s world-renowned ski resorts, Swiss watches, chocolate, cuckoo clocks and yodelling. Whether you prefer to explore Zürichthe largest, most cosmopolitan city in Switzerland or Bern, home to the Zytglogge clock tower, Switzerland has something for everyone. So without further ado, here is what we consider to be the top things to do in Switzerland, all worthy of being on your Europe Bucket List that’s for sure.

Here’s our pick of the top things to do in Switzerland

Explore Zurich

Zurich lies at the north end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland. While here go boating, stroll along the lake, or hike the Utliberg Mountain which offers a panoramic view of the entire city and lake of Zürich. A vibrant cultural hub with plenty of museums, art galleries, great restaurants and shops selling famous high-quality Swiss brands available albeit at a high Swiss price.

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Lausanne lies in the Lake Geneva Region of Switzerland and is the headquarters of the International Olympics Committee which was founded in 1914. In the old area of this Medieval town is a Gothic Cathedral which is one of a kind in Switzerland and the city center of Lausanne is the perfect spot to wander about and enjoy Lausanne’s vibrant café culture. The scenic surrounding areas of Lausanne are breathtakingly beautiful so do venture outside of the city center.

The Library in St Gallen

The Abbey Library of Saint Gall is a significant medieval monastic library in St. Gallen, Switzerland. This is not only one of the oldest collections in Europe, but also possibly the most beautiful and is the best example of Rococo architecture in Switzerland. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 and houses expensive leather-bound books and hand-written manuscripts. Some good multilingual audio guides are available here along with slippers for you to wear to protect the ancient floor.

Admire Bern

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is built around a crook in the Aare River. Not many cities have managed to retain their historic features quite as successfully as Bern which traces its origins back to the 12th century. Wander the cobbled streets, admire the medieval architecture, ancient clock tower, churches and all the impressive buildings here such as the Federal Palace of the Neo-Renaissance that can all be found in the historic Altstadt (Old Town) of Bern.

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The Rhine Falls

At 23 metres high and 150 metres wide, the Rhine Falls in Switzerland are one of the largest and most powerful waterfalls in Europe.  The falls are located on the High Rhine on the border between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zürich and you can see the dramatic Rhine Falls on foot or by boat. Several guided tours are available and we recommend booking Rhine Falls tours ahead of time to secure your spot.

Skiing in St Moritz

St. Moritz is a luxury alpine resort town in Switzerland’s Engadin valley. An expensive and very glamorous ski resort popular with wealthy Europeans, St Moritz is well worth spending a few days, if only to eat pastries, drink hot cocoa and sit in a hot tub.

The Jungfrau Region

Picking the most beautiful region of Switzerland is impossible, but the Jungfrau region most definitely deserves a top ranking. The Jungfrau region is a smaller portion of the Bernese Oberland, one of Switzerland’s most popular destinations. The Jungfrau region comprises of three mountains, four Alpine towns and a picturesque mountain railway. Grindelwald, Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen are ideal starting points to discover the most exciting hotspots here.

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Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. “Ever gone to Switzerland? It’s a great place to just wander off somewhere and to get completely lost in the mountains. That is what we did here. This way you can sit and marvel at the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in total solitude.” Peter Conlan @peterconlan

Interlaken Adventures

There are so many things to do in the popular Swiss resort town of Interlaken, Switzerland, regardless of whether you love adventurous outdoor activities. Interlaken is in the mountainous Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland and built on a narrow stretch of valley, between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Its surrounded by mountains, dense forests, alpine meadows and glaciers and this is a great place to go hiking and skiing. If you’re after a winter sports holiday, you can’t find a more picturesque place to do it than Interlaken.

Admire Swiss Lakes

Switzerland is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Take time out during your Switzerland trip to admire the crystal clear lakes. One of the most popular with travelers to Switzerland is Lake Constance which shares a border with Austria and Germany. Lake Maggiore is a favorite for windsurfing and Lake Geneva, a postcard-perfect beauty is surrounded by spa towns.

Visit Chaplin’s World

The inauguration of this museum took place in 2016, and it celebrates the work and life of Charlie Chaplin, the Iconic film star born in London. The museum is divided between Manoir de Ban, the mansion where Charlie Chaplin spent a significant portion of his life and an interactive studio. There are multimedia displays, recreations of Chaplin’s film sets, excerpts from his films, family photographs, his trademark hat and cane, and other memorable items on display.

Other cool things to do in Switzerland
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Visiting Switzerland? Here's the ultimate top 10 things to do in Switzerland
Visiting Switzerland? Here's the ultimate top 10 things to do in Switzerland

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There is so much more to see and experience in this amazing country. Plan ahead so that you can take your time exploring and be prepared to be flexible because sometimes travelers you meet along the way will have the best suggestions for undiscovered gems and awesome things to do in Switzerland.

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