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The first time I ever stepped foot in India is something I will remember forever. I had sleepless nights and endless self doubt thinking about this moment, wondering if I’d made the right decision to travel here alone… was I going to be safe… would I be lonely… was I just plain crazy? But what shocked me about my first day in India was how safe I felt.

Embracing The Chaos

I also had a whirlwind of other emotions flowing freely too… excitement, adrenaline, sheer wonder. My eyes were like saucers and I probably resembled a deer caught in head lights. The vibrant colors, the smell of incense, spice, burning wood, fire, dust, sweat, the animals… everywhere.

Street Life In India

The hustle & bustle of daily life

The Indian women in their beautiful flowing silk sarees, head to toe in gold jewelry and clanking trinkets. India was an intense assault on my senses in the most wonderful way. Click To Tweet I was captivated by the chaos and I had never ever felt more alive than I did in those first precious moments on Indian soil.

Beautiful Indian Women

Beautiful Indian Women

Mother India Working Her Magic

But back to feeling safe, the most surprising thing for me was the feeling of being wrapped in a warm protective blanket from the moment I arrived. I suppose the heat lulled me into a false sense of security, it made me feel safe even though I certainly wasn’t. Was this mother India working her magic or was it just the fact it was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Anyway I didn’t expect to feel this way so soon in a place that people had warned me about before arriving. I was told many times that I would either love India or hate India. India, I was told, would either pull you in or spit you out. Click To Tweet I had a sneaking suspicion I was going to like it but what if I didn’t?

Mysore India Market Ladies

Market ladies in Mysore

Traveling Solo To India

Travel Diaries - My first day in India by a solo female traveler.

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There were so many uncertainties about traveling alone to India but to be honest I was at a cross roads in my life. Truth be told I couldn’t really think of anything better to do. I decided not to do university like most people my age, I wanted to find my own path in life. I guess I was a little bit lost.

Anyway I fell madly, truly, deeply in love with India from the first day I arrived. I was sure that I was meant to be there at that moment in time. Everything felt right… finally. Thank you planets for aligning so perfectly. Namaste!

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Have you traveled solo to India? If so then as a female traveler how was your experience? First days anywhere are always memorable but your first day in India… I bet you’ll never forget it! Feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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