If you’ve ever visited Spain, or plan to at some point, then you’ve probably heard about Ibiza the party island and Mallorca the largest of the islands, famous with holiday-goers for its beaches, scenic coastline and the Serra de Tramuntana mountains in the north. I bet though that only a few of you have heard very much about Menorca, the little sister of the Balearic Islands. Menorca is an underrated hidden gem and my personal favorite of all the islands to take a summer holiday.

Early memories of Menorca

I first flew to Menorca in 1998, I was only 6 years old and travelling with my family but I still remember the excitement of spending my summer in such a beautiful place. Since then I have come back every year, sometimes with family, sometimes with friends and for the past few years with my boyfriend. Menorca is the perfect holiday destination to enjoy with whomever you want!

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You might think that because you can travel from the north to south of Menorca in only 45 minutes that there isn’t much to see and the little island won’t have much to offer. The truth however, is completely the opposite. Menorca is a mini paradise so let me explain why it has become my favorite place for a sunny holiday, and why I think you should visit Menorca too!

Menorca has really beautiful beaches

Let me begin with the beaches. Imagine the perfect turquoise water you see on all those perfect Instagram photos? Got it? That’s it. No filters and no magic tricks. The water in Menorca is so transparent and just the most beautiful thing in the world. You can see your feet, the fish, the white sand… everything without even snorkeling.

Summer 2016 in Cala Mesquida watching the sunset. With my boyfriend, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend who live there.

There’s a small rocky beach in the south of the island called Sa Olla. It’s like a swimming pool in the ocean and one of the places in Menorca you should go if you want to see a huge variety of fish. I’ve recently discovered that if you bring some dry bread they’ll go crazy all around you!

Feeding dry bread to fishes in Sa Olla. You can’t see my fave but I was freaking out as they were getting super close to me! lol

Probably one of my top things to do while on holiday in Menorca is to go to Cala Pregonda which is on the central north coast between Cala Barril on the west and Binimel.là on the east. This is the best beach on the island but it will take you around 30 minutes of walking from Cala Binimel.là (not a typo), the walk however, is totally worth it. There are less people, the views are breathtaking and it’s a great place to snorkel.

Cala Pregonda just a few weeks back. That island with the boats is the one where you can go jump!

Menorca Tip: While at Cala Pregonda, walk around the biggest rock (or mini island) to find a giant sea puddle. Embrace you inner big-kid and jump right in… fun is guaranteed! Anyway, that’s enough about Menorca’s fabulous beaches.

Visit Menorca’s capital city Maó

The capital, Maó, is a lovely city with a port that’s home to some seriously stunning yachts. On a summer evening, while walking along the port, you can go for a drink at Paput and have an Asiatic inspired meal in Way

Ice cream in Sa Gelateria in Maó. My favourite flavour: cookies and cream, yummy!

Make sure you save some space for dessert though so you can try Menorca’s best ice-cream in Sa Gelateria. With multiple flavours to choose from and a good price, 2 scoops is the perfect way to end the evening.

Party with a Pomada in Ciutadella

The other big city in the island is Ciutadella. Size-wise it’s very similar to Maó but I would especially recommend visiting this place for young people. I personally prefer the pedestrian streets in Ciutadella and the feeling of a small town you have when you go for breakfast at a cafeteria in the morning.

Ciutadella Menorca

Ciutadella in Menorca

If you want to party in Ciutadella’s port then you must start the night off by trying Menorca’s most popular drink: Pomada. Pomada is made out of a local gin mixed with lemon and crushed ice. Enjoy sipping this local refreshing drink while you get ready to hit the town. The best bar to order a Pomada is called l’Herba, don’t worry if it goes straight to your head because you only need to go next door to the club where you can dance the night away.

Soak up the relaxed evening ambience in Menorca

Get lost in the winding white-washed streets of Binibeca

Another must-visit town in Menorca and one that you wouldn’t want to miss is Binibeca. Located in the south of the island, Binibeca Vell is one of those places where everything is worth a photo. The tiny white streets end in a lovely small port where neighbours moor their boats. You can go to any of the beautiful beaches around, eat Paella in El Pescadito and just enjoy wandering around the streets.

Binibeca Vell and the port

Sunset spotting at Far de Cavalleria

Finally, there’s one key thing that I love to do when I travel and Menorca makes it even more special: seeing sunsets.

Menorca Sunset

Sunset at Far de Cavalleria with a lovely pink sky just a few weeks back for the moon eclipse.

I guess you’ll agree with me about the magic that a sunset has. I love seeing the sky turn red and the sun going down over the horizon. There’s so many perfect spots to catch a sunset in Menorca. If I had to choose one though, I would probably say Far de Cavalleria. This lighthouse located in the north of the island is the ideal spot to be when the sun goes down.

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Best time to visit Menorca

You can travel any time of the year to Menorca, probably June and September are the best times because it’s cheaper, there’s less people and the weather is still really good. Summer is probably the best time to enjoy it at its fullest, in winter there’s way less people and some towns are a bit deserted, but it’s still beautiful.

menorca travel tips

Getting to Menorca

I usually fly from Barcelona, which takes around 45 minutes, the flight in summer costs around 80-100€. If you go in winter there’s less flights running, about 3-4 flights a week, but the flights to Menorca at this time are extremely cheap, you can get deals for 10€! However connections to Menorca are not great; if you’re flying from other places in Europe (like I once did from London) you’ll probably always have to go via Barcelona. I would recommend booking your flight a couple of months in advance to get the cheapest deal.

Have you ever visited Menorca? Feel free to share your own experiences of Menorca in the comments section below!

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