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Marfa is a small town in Texas that sits in the high plains desert at an altitude of 4800ft. With it’s population of roughly 2000 people it’s presumably the only tiny town in the world where transient Texan Cowboys co-exist with eclectic international artists. Texas old school meets modern hipster all under the same vast star-filled sky that inspired the minimalist artist Donald Judd in the 70’s.

Judd kind of made Marfa. Or at the very least sowed the seed that enabled Marfa to become what Marfa is today. So it’s important to mention him. Travelers make the trek to this delightful dot of a town for the energy, for the art and sometimes for UFO spotting. Others just want to stand in a wide open road and empty their lungs into the uninterrupted night sky.

Here’s a few photos I took during my trip to inspire you to check this wonderful little town out and lose yourself if only for a few fleeting days. Morph into Marfa TX and all of it’s weirdness.

Prada Marfa TX

Prada Marfa TX

I got THE classic Marfa shot. Not hard considering you drive past this when you arrive and then again when you leave.

Thunderbird Marfa TX

Thunderbird Hotel

Thunderbird Hotel is open when it’s open.

Wrong Store Marfa TX

Wrong Store Marfa TX

In fact I was searching for a different store entirely so the Wrong Store was indeed right. But as we accidentally stumbled upon the Wrong Store I couldn’t help but believe this may make it the right store.

The Get Go Grocery Store

The Get Go Grocery Store

The grooviest grocer The Get Go is located at 208 South Dean Street, Marfa TX. Stock up on Big Bend Coffee Roasters, Marfa Maid Goat’s Cheese, Mary’s Chickens and Hail Merry Macaroons.

Slowpoke Tattoos Marfa

Slowpoke Tattoos

Slowpoke by appointment only.

See Mystery Lights

Want to see Mystery Lights?

Take a seat and practice patience.

Roys Automotive Shop Marfa TX

Roy’s Automotive Shop

I believe this is an automotive shop belonging to a gent called Roy. I imagine Roy lives in Marfa.

Pure Joy Marfa

Pure Joy in Marfa

Now you know what pure joy looks like.

Presidio County Courthouse Marfa Texas

Presidio County Courthouse

This is the thing you walk around (a few times) if you’re not much into art and eating.

Palace Marfa

Palace Marfa

Closed since the 1970s this former Art Deco movie theater is in downtown Marfa. Before it’s cinematic incarnation it was the Marfa Opera House and now a local artist uses the building as a studio.

Palace Marfa Texas

Palace Marfa TX

The Palace’s hey day was in 1955 when Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean were filming the movie Giant just outside of Marfa. The Palace would do nightly screenings of Taylor and Dean movies.

Padre's Restaurant Marfa

Padre’s Restaurant

It’s all over for Padre’s.

Marfa Texas Wall Art

Wise Words

Whomever is responsible for this has not yet discovered Quora. Still, this is freakin awesome, Banksy try harder.

Marfa TX Thunderbird Restaurant

Thunderbird Restaurant

Capri is amongst Conde Naste Traveller’s most beautiful restaurants in the world. It’s inside here (above). We popped our heads in but ate at La Venture simply because it was in our hotel and we’re lazy.

Marfa TX Museum

Marfa Museum

Marfa and Presidio County Museum is a nice little museum focusing on local history.

gas station Marfa TX

Gas station

I’m English, I find this kitsch and I like it.

Marfa TX Garage

A Garage?

Am I missing the coolest spot in town? Is this a hotel or an art thing or is it a garage? You can never be too sure in Marfa.

Food Shark

Food Shark

Not the actual Food Shark because this is a car and not a truck. I’m betting there’s something tasty stashed in that boot though. Just a hunch I have.

El Cosmico Campground

El Cosmico Campground

El Cosmico is a hotel and campground for adventurers and wanderers in far west MarfaTX. Wide open spaces and a huge sky are included with every reservation.”

El Cosmico Campground Marfa

A dusty day at El Cosmico

Not only an adventurous place to shelter El Cosmico serves as a hub for occasional happenings that elevate the mind, body and creative spirit. They also have awesome peach iced tea in their shop.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Marfa opens when it feels like it and closes when it feels like it.

La Playa Marfa

La Playa

La Playa: Eat, drink and be merry. Brisket but no pool.

Hombres Marfa


Visit Hombres for burgers, hot dogs, grits and soda.

Genevieves Beauty Salon Marfa TX

Genevieves Beauty Salon

El Cosmico Trailers Marfa Texas

El Cosmico Funky Trailers

Stay in a trailer at El Cosmico.

El Cosmico Tepees Marfa Tx

El Cosmico Tepees

Stay in a tepee at El Cosmico.

El Cosmico Eye Entrance

El Cosmico Entrance

Eye spy with my little eye a big eye.

I believe in science.

Nacho: But you’re tall and fast like a gazelle, you can do it. Pray to the Lord for strength.

Esqueleto: I don’t believe in God, I believe in science.

Nacho: It sucks to be me right now!

Buns N Roses Marfa

Buns N Roses

For here lies the true magic of Marfa: Buns N Roses fresh donuts and strong coffee. Not dishwater diner coffee… STRONG coffee. GOOD coffee.

Buns N Roses Marfa

Can it be morning without coffee?

& the fresh donuts… SWEET JESUS.

Barbor Shop and Beauty Salon Marfa Texas

Barbor Shop and Beauty Salon

Ballroom Marfa

Ballroom Marfa

Film, music, art… just a whole load of really cool stuff goes on at Ballroom Marfa.

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