I have always been fascinated by tribal culture… and style!

I’ve previously written about the colorful Kenyan Rendille tribe and the Ethiopian Mursi tribe with their extreme body modifications and lip plates. The Maasai are probably a tribe you’re already familiar with because they are by far the most well known or at least the most commonly visited tribe in Africa. You can read more about their history, religion, culture and traditions in my previous post about the Maasai tribe. Here I’m just going to focus on their awesome style so you can add a touch of tribal goddess to your wardrobe should you so wish.

Maasai Tribal Style

Maasai Tribal Style, Tanzania, Africa

The most famous Maasai clothing consists of a red fabric called the “shuka” which is wrapped around the body, this is coupled with a lot of beaded jewelry around the neck and arms. Both men and women wear this traditional outfit, and colors tend to vary depending on the occasion or tribal event. They usually go around barefoot, or sometimes they fashion simple footwear made from the hide of cattle or even tire rubber. Whatever, they look happy! Or maybe not…

Maasai Tribal Style Inspiration: Bright, Bold, Beautiful & Usually Beaded!

Maasai woman wearing tradition tribal jewelry.

Earlobe stretching is also practiced by the Maasai Tribe and serves as a standard of beauty for both sexes. Ok so maybe we won’t be getting our earlobes stretched right now (although that’s also a pretty popular style with westerners) but seriously who isn’t inspired by the beautiful bright colors and handmade beaded jewelry of the Maasai? I certainly am and I own a ton of it.

Masai Tribe Style Inspiration: Bright, Bold, Beautiful & Usually Beaded!

Maasai women in traditional dress, Tanzania.

The Maasai women produce gorgeous pieces of jewelry and handicrafts that women like myself love to wear and use. Here’s a few of my favorite pieces to help you get your tribal goddess on;

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1. Gorgeous statement ethical handmade necklace with organic beads. Face paint optional!

Maasai tribal style inspiration for women

Get it from Etsy for $52.80.

2. Maasai multi-colored beaded rope necklace and earring set, handmade with love and a lot of skill! Allow a few weeks for these to be shipped from Kenya.

Maasai tribal style inspiration for women.

Get these on Amazon for $41.00.

3. Black Panther bling! Find your inner warrior in this tribal gold choker made in metallic leather.

Maasai tribal style inspiration for women

Get this on Etsy for $80.00.

4. This stylish handmade Maasai leather beaded bracelet is made using the finest beads and can be worn for almost any occasion.

Maasai tribal style inspiration for women

Get this on Etsy for $24.00.

5. Choose a pair of leather sandals that are beaded by hand one bead at a time to capture the spirit and soul of the Maasai and their culture. Choose a pair of these multi-colored beauties and wear with pride!

Maasai Tribe Sandals

Buy these on Etsy from $35.00.

6. This absolutely stunning necklace is simply a work of art and was traditionally worn as a wedding necklace by Kenya’s Maasai community. Handmade from high quality Maasai beads.

Maasai tribal style inspiration for women

Buy from TheMaasaiShop from $30.00.

7. Afrocentric Kenyan jewelry! These are handmade Maasai beaded statement earrings that are subtle yet still enough to make a statement. Otherwise what’s the point?

Maasai tribal style inspiration for women

Pick these up on Etsy for $10.00.

8. Gorgeous handmade three tier layered Maasai necklace with matching earrings and beaded bangle set.

Maasai tribal style inspiration for women

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9. A beautifully crafted necklace and matching fan shaped earrings made by a Maasai woman in a remote village in Kenya. Different colors and designs are also available.

Maasai tribal style inspiration for women

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10. This beautiful African necklace is a rich composition of trade beads, Sorobera brass, dried seeds, cow horn and Masai glass beads. The art of making trade beads has been passed on from generation to generation in West Africa.

Maasai tribal style inspiration for women

Get this from Lukagwa from $100.00.

Maasai Tribe Style Inspiration

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