After packing my belongings into 2 suitcases, I jumped in a taxi, clutching my beloved cactus which was carefully placed on my lap. The nerves, fear and excitement slowly simmering in my stomach. The cab driver tried to make small talk but soon gave up. A few hours later I arrived in London. I had just turned 18,ย I had about ยฃ300 in my purse and I didn’t know a single soul. Finally I was FREE.

Or maybe not. I was a slave to paying rent like most people but I was one step closer to living life on my own terms. London was overwhelming and if I hadn’t been so focussed on surviving it would have been pretty lonely too. Luckily I don’t give up easily and after a while the city did begin to grow on me… hey it’s a great place to make a sh*t load of cash.

More cash = more freedom = more travel.

About a year after arriving in London I had itchy feet and I was feeling restless. An advert in my Putney yoga studio for a Sivananda Yoga Course in India jumped out at me. The thought of going to India by myself made my heart beat faster and my palms sweat. The familiar rush of fear that I felt in the cab coming to London came flooding back and I knew immediately that this was my next little adventure.

I had always loved everything Indian and would raid the hippie shop in my home town most weekends. The smell of nag champa incense, the cute bead jewelry, funky ornaments and multi-colored rag bags… I loved it all!

So the travel planning began

I decided I couldn’t go all the way to India, spend the whole time in an Ashram doing yoga and then fly home again without actually seeing India. So I decided to stay for a few months after my yoga course. I also decided that I couldn’t possibly fly all the way to India, backpack around the South and then the North (because I can’t possibly do the South and not do the North) and then fly home again when I’m so close to Thailand. My trip itinerary just kept growing. I even ended up visiting Sri Lanka before India because it was only a 30 minute flight from Sri Lanka to Trivandrum, the nearest airport to my yoga course in Kerala so I thought why the hell not?

…& off I went!

While in Thailand so many travelers I met were either heading to Barcelona or raving about it. So on this occasion I happily followed the crowd and ended up living in Barcelona for a year (best time of my life) and then Paris (worst time of my life). London would become the place I would always end up coming back to but over the years I’ve traveled extensively around Asia, the Middle East and Europe. I’ve visited about 40 countries so far and called Germany, Spain, France, UK and the USA home. My travel wish list should be shrinking but it’s actuallyย forever growing.

In a nutshell

My little adventure turned into many years of travel and I have attempted to live a life of travel ever since. This blog is going to be a place I can record all my travel memories, crazy stories, some funny and some just plain weird. I do love weird ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don’t be a stranger!

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