I’m sad to leave Kochi because it’s just the loveliest place. I called my new Indian friend Sanjay? and he picked me up on his motorbike at 11.30am for our great India Road Trip to… I have no idea where! I do know we drove for hours up into a mountain with beautiful scenery and then drove down the other side (or did we?) where it got much cooler. I actually got cold on the bike towards the end of the drive so Sarhail stopped by a shop and bought me a Kashmir shawl (I didn’t tell him I already had 5 in my backpack).

Random Indian Dude

In a dead end town with a western ho

You know the song? ๐Ÿ™‚ We ended up in some random town between Kochi and Madurai having chai with his brother. Then we had dinner in a very nice restaurant where I had to do all the talking because he wanted to pretend to be a tourist so they didn’t know he was an Indian with a western ho girl. His accent would give him away apparently. Whatever dude.

The next day of the great India road trip to somewhere in India was just as much fun as the first. At this point Sarjida has fallen madly in love with me and says he will save me if I ever get into trouble in India, which is always nice. We’re going somewhere to show someone samples of clothes from his shop. Remember I met him a few days ago when I bought an ankle bracelet from his shop in Mattancherry in Kochi and I thought he was hot because he looks like an Indian John Travolta and he gave me a free chai.

india road trip

We arrived!

A few days later we arrived at the destination, I still don’t really know where it was, it was a small town somewhere and he got his shop stuff done. We had chai with more of his brothers (dude your mum was busy) and the next day left late in the morning on his motorbike. It was a few hours and we didn’t stop too many times because I was in a hurry to get a 4.30pm train to Bangalore.

We made it in time but there was only a bus and no train. We said a quick goodbye but our India road trip was quite a success (I wasn’t murdered) and we’re planning on meeting up again when I’m in Goa. Two minutes after I’d left my Indian John Travolta caught the bus up on his motorbike and blew me a kiss. Hehe.

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Off to Bangalore

I slept through the night on the bus buried under all the Kashmir shawls I’ve bought or been gifted since being here. You could say I was perfectly warm enough, if a little too hot. The bus pulled into Bangalore at 7am. I hate to judge a place by it’s bus station but I didn’t fancy sticking around and jumped on the train to Mysore… the land of Ashtanga Yoga.

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