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Jodhpur, also known as the blue city, is famous across the globe for its historical monuments, palaces, forts and rich cultural heritage. These places are a sight to behold, but what a lot of tourists do not know is that Jodhpur also offers an amazing opportunity to experience adventure sports like Paragliding and Zip Lining.

Jodphur Rajasthan

Jodphur, Rajasthan

For all the adrenaline junkies and adventure sports enthusiasts that happen to be visiting Jodhpur, trust me, the Umaid Bhawan Palace can wait! I booked my Paragliding and Zip Lining experience in advance and was so excited (and nervous) once I reached Jodhpur. In this post I’ll share my experience of Paragliding.

Paragliding In Jodhpur

As paragliding is heavily dependent on favorable weather conditions and the direction and speed of the wind, the SkyVentures team informed us a day in advance that our group would have to take an early morning flight as we belong to the fun sized, light-weight category.

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We left our hotel at 6 a.m. sharp as we were expected to reach the site by 7.15 a.m. The site is about 60 kms outside of Jodhpur on an isolated road and is a huge ground with almost no obstructions. It’s a remote area but pretty safe with good road accessibility and as we were travelling with our own vehicle it was very convenient for us. The team is highly professional and had shared the GPS location of the site with us in advance. For all those Jodhpur backpackers and vacationer who do not have your own vehicle, SkyVentures work with a local cab company and you can contact them.

Preparing To Fly

We made it on time and upon reaching the site we found the team preparing for our glide. I was asked to go first as I was the lightest in the group. Mr. Samarth is the owner pilot of SkyVentures and he is extremely professional and patient when dealing with first time flyers like me.

Paragliding Jodphur Rajasthan

The flight begins with having to put on a harness, safety checks and learning all of the launch instructions. Here the flight happens on flat land and not by jumping from a height, so the launch is very important. For the launch you have to run about 50 steps before you are air born. There is a car which pulls you and helps to keep your launch smooth.

Paragliding Jodphur, Rajasthan

Soaring The Skys

The fun starts once you are air born. The literal meaning of bird’s eye view becomes clear when you can see the land below. You get to see three hamlets in three different directions from above. At the peak of the flight I was 2200 feet above ground and the feeling is exhilarating. The experience of weightlessness and the wind on your face is something surreal. I had hired a GoPro camera and now I have videos and pictures to relive the experience.

Paragliding Jodphur Rajasthan

While we were flying, the pilot asked me if I liked roller-coasters and upon saying yes we did some really nice summersaults in the air. And they were amazing, the adrenaline rush was something I cannot describe in words.

Paragliding in Jodphur Rajasthan

The descent is very gradual and slow, giving a feeling of you climbing down to eagerly meet the ground. While you are in the air, the pilot keeps talking to you to gage your reactions and to check if you are facing any problems. All these measures result in a very safe, enjoyable flying experience.

Paragliding Jodphur Rajasthan

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Paragliding Jodphur Rajasthan

Paragliding in Jodhpur proved to be a once in a lifetime experience for me, to book your experience you can visit www.skyventures.in. The best way to book is to first check the time slot availability with them and then make a partial payment via the payment gateway suggested by them. You can make the remaining payment once you are done with gliding. Mr Samarth is a very understanding, customer friendly professional and so making a full online payment is also completely safe here.

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Here’s a few tips you should keep in mind if you plan on paragliding in Jodhpur

  • Wear comfortable full clothes like pants or track pants with T shirts, because this will minimize damage in case of a not so smooth landing and will also reduce exposure to the sun.
  • If your skin is sensitive to sun exposure, wear a high factor sun screen.
  • Wearing skirts or dresses is a big no no, you are harnessed for your flight and this will make it difficult for obvious reasons. Please refer to my photos to get a better idea of what you should wear.
  • Do not wear flip flops or open toe sandals. It is advisable to wear running or tennis shoes. Remember you have to run before you fly, and this running is on a barren piece of desert land, so dress accordingly.
  • Carry water, fruits and some snacks with you as there is nothing available around the flying site.
  • If you are flying in the evening make sure you go in a group, because this is an isolated place. It is very safe, but in case you get lost or miss a turn, you may not find anyone to guide you in the dark. So irrespective of your gender, avoid going paragliding alone in the evening.

These are general tips I am putting here, the SkyVentures team also sends you tips to consider once you book. Consider all these tips and you are set to fly like a bird.
Paragliding proved to be an amazing experience and this set my hopes really high for the Zip line that I had booked for the next day. My post about Zip Lining in Jodhpur is coming soon!

Have you been paragliding in Jodhpur, Rajasthan or India? How was your experience? Feel free to share your own thoughts and tips in the comments section below.

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