Holy Cow Art By Toni Meneguzzo

Fashion photographer Toni Meneguzzo traveled throughout India attending Indian festivals and celebrations to take almost 100 Holy Cow photos over a 6 year time period. He was given permission by Hindu villagers to photograph their sacred holy cows which were intricately painted and beautifully adorned with flowers and trinkets for various Hindu events.

“In a way,” says Meneguzzo, “it’s like shooting models. I’m still looking for a good composition: four legs on show, a good profile, perhaps one hoof slightly forward, the head turned. Cows, like fashion models, have such serene elegance.”

Meneguzzo cropped the Holy Cows so they could appear to be floating on white “milky” backgrounds. He would also always carry extra pigments such as yellow turmeric just in case the Holy Cow needed a little touch up.

Hindu Holy Cow

I’m ready for my close up… give it to me baby… yeah!

From the website: “My anthropological research of the Hindu tradition to celebrate the harvest and the bovine sacredness: a series photos of the rare decorated holy cows where the use of colours on the coat of the cow is an expression of art painted on a walking canvas, the cow is carrying the painting while being the painting itself.”

Holy Cow! Move over Giselle…

Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow Holy Cow Hindu Holy Cow

Meneguzzo says… “…Adorned with fresh flowers and colourful decorations, the cows are also prepared by painting their coat and horns with organic pigments that have specific references, and this is the most striking design element. The pigments are thrown on the animal with an artistic flair that recalls the informal painting of Jackson Pollock.”

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To read more about Toni’s work visit his website.