Vietnam’s Hoi An was the perfect antidote to all of Hanoi’s madness and mayhem.

Although Hanoi and even Ho Chi Minh City can’t be beat when it comes to crazy, Hoi An is without doubt where it’s at if you want a relaxing Vietnam vacation. I loved spending a few days here in a place best described as a well-preserved time capsule and the perfect destination for any traveler in need of down-time in this otherwise hectic country.

Hoi An is packed with picturesque pagodas, eclectic street cafes and colorful colonial buildings. During the day I enjoyed riding a bike through this ancient town painted almost entirely in deep canary yellow, watching boats glide past as I walked along the canal and strolling through the narrow flower-lined streets of the Old Town. As night falls, Hoi An undergoes a magical transformation; the town lights up, the lanterns glow and the night markets and sidewalks spring back to life.

Relaxing on the uncrowded beaches of An Bang and tucking into Cau Lao (thick rice noodles and pork seasoned with chili and lime) which is Hoi An’s most famous dish was possibly the highlight of my stay.

Here’s a few of my favorite snapshots which are mostly street scenes and portraits of locals. Hopefully the photos below may pique your interest in paying a visit yourself!Hoi An VietnamHoi An VietnamHoi An VietnamHoi An Vietnam

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Hoi An VietnamHoi An VietnamHoi An VietnamHoi An VietnamHoi An VietnamHoi An Travel PicturesHoi An VietnamHoi An Travel PicturesHoi An Vietnam

hoi an vietnam
hoi an

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Hoi An VietnamHoi An VietnamHoi An VietnamHoi An Vietnam

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Hoi An Vietnam Photo Series
Hoi An Vietnam Photo Series

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