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The bewitching temple town of Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in central Karnataka, India. There’s an incredible energy here and backpackers like myself love this place. I spent a few days in this laid back village admiring the lush green landscapes and the large boulders scattered around ancient ruins. There are temples everywhere, a huge lake, cows, elephants, trinket shops and cute cafes. After a very bad day in Mysore, Hampi felt like the perfect safe haven to recharge and basically get my sh*t together. Click To Tweet

Hampi India

I got off the night bus after a long and bumpy overnight journey from Mysore, feeling rather sorry for myself and checked straight into the Shanti Guest house. After a few hours of sleep I met Jacqueline and a German lady called Andrea while having a banana pancake and coffee milkshake. We got a rickshaw and zipped about a few of the temples together.

Hampi India

After a while the heat became too much and we gave up and went for dinner at a great restaurant called Mango which overlooked the lake. The view was so beautiful, food was delicious and we sipped Masala tea and chatted as the sun went down.

That evening I met Catrina from Sweden, we have the Sivananda Ashram in common, we’re meeting at 9.30am tomorrow to find a hut across the river. I love Hampi! After some papaya for breakfast we crossed the river and found some very basic huts that were sooo cheap!

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hampi india

Off to find new accommodation across the lake!

After settling into our huts (which took about 2 minutes and involved dumping our backpacks on the beds) we hired bikes and rode up to Monkey Temple to see the views over Hampi. After the trek up to the top all we could think about was jumping in the lake for a cool down so off we went again on our bikes for a swim. Luckily no crocodiles were around. Later that night we met Andrea again and found the coolest place for dinner, up a load of stairs and with another stunning view, great music and some dubious tarot readers.

Hampi River

The next morning Andrea tried to wake me up at 6am for a meditation on the hill, it was not happening for me I’m afraid, way too tired after all that bike riding but I did do some yoga when I finally got out of bed. Catrina went to a wedding with an Israeli guy she met last night so I had the day to myself and did some shopping, found an internet cafe and then went back to Mango for a few hours to read my book.

Hampi India

I met a crazy Mexican guy who reminds me of Manu Chao so much, he had his guitar with him and was so full of energy! We had dinner together and he sang all night, so funny. We’re going to get the bus to Gokarna together in 2 days as he’s headed there too. And then… I woke up ill! The first non Indian food I ate during the whole trip, a simple baked patato salad got me sick. I’m guessing they washed the salad in tap water. The entire day until 4.30pm I’m lying around and puking. The toilets are outside my hut too so this is a very inconvenient time to be ill.

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That same evening I have to meet my new Mexican friend at the bus station in Hospet to get the overnight bus to Gokarna and I really don’t want to stand him up. I manage to pack my backpack up and feeling super weak I dragged myself to a rickshaw driver who then drives like a maniac banging my head 3 times on the rickshaw roof. My Manu Chao double was at the bus stop waiting for me and he kept me entertained on the bus with crazy singing all night.

Goodbye Hampi… I’ll be back!

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