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My hot Indian friend gave me a ride on the back of his motorbike from Gokarna to Palolem in Goa. I could have stayed longer in Gokarna to be honest. It’s nowhere near as popular with backpackers and vacationers as Goa but I just really liked the vibe there. So how did I spend my time in Goa? Apart from drinking papaya milkshakes, photo bombing cows on the beach and buying more sh*t… not very much… but that was the plan!

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Breakfast in Palolem

While I was having breakfast on my first morning in Palolem I had the sudden realization that it was Wednesday… Anjuna flea market day! I decided to move on from Palolem and dropped my backpack off in a hotel in Calangute.

Goa Beach India

One of many beautiful beaches in Goa.

I loved Anjuna Flea Market it was heaven for me. So much amazing hippie stuff all in one place… I guess you could call it hippie heaven. I did get kicked out of a shop for bargaining too hard over a pair of trousers though. Maybe after 6 weeks in India I’ve finally become the Israeli chick from Trivandrum. Oops.

Portrait of Stall Lady India

So much to buy and so little room in my backpack.

Margao Town and Old Goa

The next day Sarjid and I went to Margao Town a little bit south of Calangute to visit the bank there. We stopped off in Old Goa to see a 16th century cathedral and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. There are a few museums here too such as the Wax World Museum. I’m not going to pretend that I was particularly interested in any of it and was happy to get back to eating (delicious egg biriyani in Margao) and shopping (another toe ring)… yup. The day ended on Baga Beach drinking papaya milkshakes with my hot Indian friend as the sun went down. How perfectly romantic you might think… well then the next day happened.

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The end of my hot Indian dude interlude

Hey at least it rhymes. Firstly we were on the beach and he kept pestering me to sunbath topless (which I had no interest in doing in India). Then he drank 3 bottles of beer and lost his sunglasses in the sea and got in a very sulky mood about it. Next he kept sitting on my yoga mat while I was trying to do my sun salutations because he wanted to buy another pair of sunglasses. I then watched him down another big bottle of beer just as we were about to get on his bike and drive to the shops. That’s after I’d told him to stop drinking so much.

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Five minutes into the drive and he crashes the bike (with me on the back). It all happens in slow motion as these things usually do. The bike skids along the road for about 25 yards and I skidded along the road on my butt behind it for about 10 yards. Then I watch as my hot Indian dude who don’t forget told me that if I ever get into trouble in India he would come and save me got up and before even looking for me (still lying on the road expecting to be helped) goes to inspect his bike! How dare he!! Haha.

The great Goa escapade escape

I get back to the room we’re sharing by myself because he’d gone off to find his buddy to cry about his bike with. I have two ridiculous looking perfectly symmetrical circular grazes on both butt cheeks (where I skidded on my butt) and my foot is totally cut up. I clean my wounds up and pack my backpack because I’m so done with this big dumb baby. Then as I’m walking out the room to never return he arrives and sees I’m leaving so he fakes an illness to try and get me to stay. What a Drama King… hilarious! Did it work? Hell no. Iย laughed my head off all the way to Chapora thinking about him faking a sore head followed by my dramatic walk out. C’est la vie.

This is my foot situation about a month later. I went to a hospital in the end to get it cleaned up properly, it got gross. Also, evidently, I hadn’t showered for quite a while too. Oh well.

Just me, myself and I

Plus a few hippies and a whole load of cows. So I chilled in Goa by myself after that. I spent some time staying in Vagator, Chapora and other random places in Goa. I met some cool people, did yoga and checked out more markets. I kind of signed up to teach yoga in a Goa orphanage in October too. Call it feminine intuition but something tells me THAT ain’t gonna happen.

Yeah yeah… I’m going straight to hell.

Have you got any crazy experiences from when you were in Goa or traveling? Feel free to share your own mishaps in the comments section below I love to laughย commiserate ๐Ÿ˜‰

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