As soon as I got off the train I knew I was going to love this place. Kochi (also called Cochin) is in Kerala which is in southwest India. I arrived in the morning not feeling so great after a Bhang Lassi incident in Varkala the night before. There’s art galleries everywhere, cute cafe’s and within the first hour of arriving I’d bumped into a friend from my yoga retreat which was a lovely surprise.

Siobhan was staying in a beautiful villa, she wanted to splash out a bit after enduring the Sivananda Ashram dorms with me. She made us a chai with cinnamon and nutmeg and then we walked to a restaurant together to meet a few others. It was the perfect evening chatting into the night over fish, vegetable and coconut naan. I feel so lucky and inspired and I’m looking forward to exploring Kochi properly tomorrow.

My First Full Day In Kochi

The first thing I did the next morning after some yoga in my room was head to the beach to see the locals with their famous Chinese fishing nets. The beautiful morning light spattered across endless fresh fish stalls, chai shops and the locals busying themselves with their usual morning routines. I took some photos and then stopped by an art cafe with soothing chill out music and great coffee. Here I met 2 girls from London and they gave me some honey bread… very tasty.

Kochi India Chinese Fishing NetsLater on I got a 10 minute rickshaw ride to Mattancherry, still in Kochi just 9km from the city center. I enjoyed walking around seeing the sights, I visited the Mattancherry Palace and a large art gallery and did some shopping. I bought a silver ankle bracelet from an Indian John Travolta, we got chatting, he showed me his photos from a trip to Nepal and gave me a free chai (shower me in chai and I’m all yours). My new hot friend Sarhail? (terrible with names) invited me on a motorbike ride to Alappuzha at 1pm the next day.

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As I was getting a rickshaw back Siobhan shouted my name and jumped in. We shared a ride picking up some fresh fish on the way then cooked it with vegetables and spices at her place. My first full day in Kochi ended under the stars, chatting on Siobhan’s roof while eating pineapple and papaya.

Kochi Fishermen India KeralaGoodbye Kochi

On my last day in Kochi I ran around the place doing random errands. I needed to post books about chakra healing, multi-colored yoga pants and an elephant statue home so I could lighten my backpack. A friend from London emailed to say she wanted to meet me in Thailand in April so that’s great news!

Sajid? picked me up on his motorbike at 1pm and we went to Alappuzha together. The ride was so much fun I loved it. We saw a Bollywood movie, sat on the banks of the backwaters for while, got a bit nervous about being eaten by a crocodile and then we drove back to Kochi as the sky turned pink in a stunning sunset.

Kochi Backwaters

We made plans to do a road trip somewhere else in India for a few days. No idea where but it’s something to do with his shop. My new Indian friend is picking me up tomorrow at 10am… this should be interesting!

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