Iguacu Falls Brazil

The True Power Of Brazil’s Iguazú Falls

“Where are all the dinosaurs?” I asked myself as I climbed into a bright green double-decker shuttle bus at the entrance of the Cataratas del Iguazú park on the Brazilian border with Argentina. It was like stepping into a jungle straight out of a mov... Read More...
Paragliding in Rio de Janeiro

Flying High In Brazil: Paragliding In Rio De Janeiro

Does the perfect day actually exist? If it did, what would it even look like and what would you do with it? I’ve come to find that there are many “perfect” days in our lives, but they come in all different shapes and sizes, and we only realize their ... Read More...
Traveling In Brazil

5 Life Lessons I Learned Traveling in Brazil

I’m a very firm believer that travel is the best self-help or self-discovery tool out there. Especially traveling alone as it allows you to make all your own decisions and truly figure out what steps to take in many different ways. This is a short li... Read More...