Kathmandu Nepal

Why I Can’t Stop Thinking About Nepal

Like most travellers who fall hopelessly in love with a country, I started planning my return trip to Nepal sat on the runaway at the airport in Kathmandu back ...
Why Scotland Is My Unicorn

Why Scotland is My Unicorn

I know, Scotland is kind of a thing these days with the popularity of a certain series about a time traveling English nurse. I think that Scotland’s charm and p...
Hike The Great Wall Of China

3 Reasons To Hike The Great Wall Of China

It’s fair to say that the greatest wall in the world, The Great Wall of China, is not called the Great Wall for nothing. It’s easy to underestimate the size and...
Iguacu Falls Brazil

The True Power Of Brazil’s Iguazú Falls

“Where are all the dinosaurs?” I asked myself as I climbed into a bright green double-decker shuttle bus at the entrance of the Cataratas del Iguazú park on the...