Travel is always amazing. Eating while traveling with a dietary requirement can be a little less amazing. Living off cans of chickpeas for a few days in a city where the people speak little English used to be a traveling vegan norm. Luckily with there are now more and more options coming out in many countries for vegans. But there are still many areas that there will be a little bit of a struggle to find food. Bali is not one of those places. Considering that Bali is the country that invented tempeh there is very easily something to eat in almost any location here and so many vegan cafes in Bali to choose from. 

The number one place to go in Bali if you are vegan or vegetarian is Ubud. Full of vegetarian restaurants, yoga retreats and massage parlours it is certainly the calmer side of Bali. But other areas of Bali are not unfriendly to vegans but just have a few less fully vegetarian or vegan cafes or restaurants to choose from. 

In Ubud the place I ate in a few times was Atman Kafe they also have a smaller one at the other end of the street. You will find both on Jl. Hanoman in Ubud. We went together to Atman Kafe as it was more of a pescatarian place. My meal was beautiful. We got a nice seat that looked out over the street. I was keen to go back again but we ended up checking out so many different places all over that I never ended up with the opportunity.

Check Out The Best Vegan Cafes In Bali

The next morning, I went to try Atman Nourish Kafe which is the smaller one with more breakfast style foods and is up the end closer to the Monkey Forest. I let my husband sleep in and went to check it out by myself. Got a seat near the balcony and was able to overlook the field out back. I was lucky enough that on my morning a large flock of ducks decided to walk across the field down to the water near the restaurant it was a lovely sight. I enjoyed my first turmeric latte and the food I ordered was amazing as well.

As my partner is a meat eater there was only so many times I could convince him to go to that chain. So we thankfully found some places that we were both able to enjoy a meal.

Potato head was one place that stood out. You will find it at Jl. Petitenget No.51B, Seminyak. While one of the more expensive meals in Bali it was so worth it for the sunset view and the flavour of the food was incredible. My meal came out looking so much smaller than my husbands, but it was more filling than it looked, and I didn’t even end up eating my side of potatoes. That buffer that every vegan orders in case the main isn’t quite right. I certainly didn’t need it this time. It was worth the trip down to see the sunset. It is very crowded and popular, and it is easy to see why. It’s a lovely place with so many different areas and the staff were all wonderful.

Check Out The Best Vegan Cafes In Bali

The other place was Bawang Merah beachfront restaurant, my partner actually proposed to me here and it was so perfect the food was a lovely selection and we both had an individual table buffet. And non-stop cocktails (we paid for that at the end and the next day). The whole place was just perfect and the sunset was beautiful. There were traditional dancers that did a show and if you are lucky enough to get a good seat you can see the next few restaurants along and their fire dancers and shows. It was our most expensive night out setting us back 2 million. Thankfully not dollars but Rupiah. For what we got it was completely worth it. I may be a little biased, but I think this was by far the best place we went to. The place is advertised as a seafood restaurant but my husband didn’t have seafood and I’m a vegan and they were very capable of catering for both our needs. And for one of the very few times in my life I was unable to finish all my food.

Siam Sally was just a tiny but cosy little place off the street that we wandered into but had lovely food. The menu clearly stated what was vegan and what could be altered to be vegan. Great price and enjoyable for both of us. This was probably my favourite on a scale of price to taste value. Also, if you go at the right time it is 2 for 1 cocktails. They have little to no mixer and are super strong. Which I didn’t mind at all, but I know some people don’t like that.

Check Out The Best Vegan Cafes In Bali

Not a restaurant but be sure you don’t miss out on Kokolato Jalan Goutama Selatan No. 22, Ubud. Vegan Gelato which goes down a real treat after a full day of trekking in the sweaty heat. 

So anyone who is concerned about eating vegan in Bali you will have no problem. I have recommended my favourites but there are plenty of places with options.  Plus with it being one of the main tourist hotspots for Australians many of the locals have learned enough English to help you out with food choices.

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