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Are you looking for the best Varkala Yoga Retreat so you can get your zen on under the Indian sun? Varkala is a really popular place with Kerala backpackers. One of the main reasons for this, aside from the famous cliff overlooking the beach, is all the yoga classes held here. There’s the really well-known yoga retreats in Varkala and also some smaller, understated classes held practically everywhere you go. It’s likely that you can get your yoga classes in on the roof, back yard or private beach of whatever accommodation you’re staying at.

I loved hanging out in Varkala! As you’ll know from my previous posts if there’s a relaxed beach/backpacker vibe, an abundance of cafes playing chill-out music and cute shops where I can pick up hippie gear that I don’t need… I’m happy.

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Even if yoga isn’t your cup of tea (as they say in England) you should still try out at least one class just because YOU’RE IN VARKALA! So finding the best Varkala yoga retreat isn’t going to be easy because there’s so much choice. For that reason I’ve chosen a few of the best Varkala Yoga Retreats to share with you below.

Sharangati Yogahaus Varkala Kerala Retreat

Varkala Yoga Retreats Sharanagati Yogahaus

Varkala Yoga Retreats. Photo: Sharanagati Yogahaus

Varkala Yoga and meditation retreat Sharanagati Yogahaus prides itself on offering an authentic Yoga Retreat experience. You will find this yoga retreat nestled in the North end of the Varkala cliff in a secluded part of Varkala Beach. Surrounded by natural gardens staying here will allow you to surrender to the rejuvenating and healing break that you so need.

The asana practice is based on Sivananda Yoga which is a very relaxing and almost meditative form of yoga. While here you can also practice guided Pranayama and Vipassana meditation.

Rama School Of Yoga

Rama School Of Yoga

Photo: Rama School Of Yoga

Relax, recharge and rejuvenate in this Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat with Rama school of yoga. The perfect balance of yoga, meditation, pranayama, ayuverda and yoga therapy for those wanting to experience the yoga lifestyle in Varkala.

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Want to start your own Yoga Studio? Look no further! Rama School of Yoga is a great place to do your Yoga Teacher Training Course because the school is authorized and approved by the international organization Yoga Alliance in the USA. They offer Ashtanga and Hatha yoga teacher training.

Agnihotrayoga Yoga Retreat And Teacher Training

Agnihotrayoga Retreat Varkala

Photo: Agnihotrayoga Yoga Retreat Varkala

The Agnihotra Yoga Retreat is walking distance from the famous Varkala beach and offers drop in classes and longer stays. The serene atmosphere of the yoga shala has profound transformative affects. Chill out with birds and butterflies in the yoga Shala gardens inbetween practicing your daily vedic mantras,  and Agnihotra homa (fire rituals).

Detoxification and rejuvenation are the two words that sum up this top Varkala Yoga Retreat which also offers a one month 200 hour teacher training course. AgnihotraYoga Retreat is designed to benefit your physical, psychological and spiritual well-being all in one.

Soul and Surf

Soul & Surf India do Surf, Yoga and Therapy holidays with seriously good vibes. If you fancy combining surfing soothing ocean waves with yoga and meditation with like minded people from around the world then this is a great choice for your Varkala Yoga Retreat.

Visit one of the best Varkala India Yoga Retreats

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Soul and Surf also have a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka too so you can tell they know what they’re doing and you’ll probably be happy as pie hanging out here. Their website is amazing, if you visit their official site you’ll want to go like right now, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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Play it safe… or take a chance?

Everybody’s different and we all want to get different things out of our yoga experience. If you want to play safe when choosing your Varkala yoga or meditation retreat then I recommend choosing one of the more established yoga places from my list above. If you’re known to take a chance in life then just pack your suitcase and hop on a flight. You might just stumble upon the perfect yoga retreat for you by leaving it up to fate… that’s India for you!

I hope this little guide will help you to choose the best Varkala Yoga Retreat for you. Have fun doing your daily yoga class on one of the most blissful beaches in the world. If I missed a yoga retreat that you’ve been to and you think it should be included let me (and my readers) know in the comments section below.

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