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I love to travel and I’m just as happy eating noodle soup on a sidewalk in Hanoi as I am having afternoon tea at the Ritz. After visiting over 40 countries I created Jetset Bunny to further indulge my passion for travel and to bring together a community of globe-hopping sisters. Born in England... based in Arizona... currently loving cacti & sunsets.


Contributor | Travel Writer

I am a ballerina, but you can occasionally find me head banging at your local metal bar. I am a leftie, but I can only draw with my right hand. Born and raised in the land of Dracula, I love everything gothic and my idea of a perfect love story involves Morticia and Gomez Addams. Lao Tzu says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and I tend to agree with him… everyday a little more. I try to spend every bit of my free time getting to know the world around me, traveling and couch surfing across Europe and the United States.


Contributor | Travel Writer

Just your atypical small-town girl from the Republic of Macedonia, who would never settle for less than an adventure! I am a firm believer in pursuing your dreams and doing it all with a good cup of coffee. Largely traveling to my own accord, I have developed a new found respect for good food, nature and all things creative. Currently exploring peculiar destinations across Europe, and hoping to uncover newness in everything I do!


Contributor | Travel Writer

Bethan is based in her homeland of England spending her life as a youth-worker, freelance writer, travel enthusiast, lover of cultures and fan of creativity. She loves new adventures and in the past has lived in Mexico, taken spontaneous 36 hour trips to Spain, danced on stage in Disneyland and worked in France amongst other things!


Contributor / Travel Writer

I'm an Australian freelance writer with a passion for travel. I would love to visit as many places as I possibly can. I am an award winning short film writer too but travel is by far my favorite topic, followed closely by food!


Contributor | Travel Writer

Carolyn Campbell-Baldwin is a freelance travel writer and blogger. Seasoned world traveller and current expat, Carolyn loves sharing insider tips and stories on the places she visits. She enjoys searching out local culinary specialties but draws the line at eating insects.


Contributor | Travel Writer

Born in Romania, I studied in Leeds, UK and stayed here to work in communications and PR. I’ve been travelling with my parents around Europe from a young age, being amazed by my first trip to Paris and Disneyland, but I still have a long list of places I’d love to visit (or re-visit, if I’m talking about Disneyland). No matter where I travel, I always do detailed research about the place, taste traditional food, and learn new foreign words.


Contributor | Travel Writer

I'm Deepa and I'm from Mumbai, India. I love to explore new places, click loads of photos, create original music, watch a lot of drama and write, write, write! Join me on my adventures as I try to juggle corporate life and the travel bug!


Contributor | Travel Writer

Originally from the UK, Gemma Laing is a serial solo traveller and has visited more than 40 countries to date. Her adventures include driving a rickshaw across India, swimming with giant turtles in the Philippines, skydiving in Dubai and most recently, Everest Base Camp. She funds her travels through her passion for oncology nursing which has taken her across the globe, including to the deserts of Saudi Arabia and the tropical islands of Turks and Caicos and Bermuda.


Contributor | Travel Writer

Imani is a New Mexican writer and YouTuber that lives for travel. She enjoys dancing, bomb vegan food, musicals, anything involving Beyoncé, and snuggling with her animals (Dexter & Peanut).


Contributor | Travel Writer

I'm an avid traveler, writer, reader and foodie. Born and raised in India, I started traveling at a very young age, thanks to having parents who love travel. I'm an adrenaline junkie with a weakness for adventure sports and theme parks. I feel roller-coasters are the depiction of life and the faster and tougher the coaster, the better the life.


Contributor | Travel Writer

After years of feeling stuck in a rut, I finally packed my backpack and decided to take the road less travelled. I haven’t looked back! Teaching English to Buddhist monks and playing football with them is the highlight of my travels so far. I plan to live out of my suitcase for a few years and can’t wait to see more of the world, meet the people that make it special and share my stories.


Contributor | Travel Writer

Traveler, writer, foodie and movie addict, Nova is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and loves to travel. Her favorite place in the world is Bali and considering she visits 2 to 3 times a year... every year, Nova is our in house expert on all things Bali and Indonesia! She loves to explore islands, secret beaches, the ocean and night clubs.


Contributor | Travel Writer

I’m a simple small-town girl at heart with big dreams. Grateful to my beautiful home, South Africa, because it ignited in me the love of travel. I’m always looking for ways to see the true beauty of the world through people, food and culture. Follow me on my journeys around Africa, and other parts of this remarkable planet we live on.


Contributor | Travel Writer

Eat, dance, travel, repeat. I, Sejal belong to India's first and only Heritage (UNESCO) city Ahmedabad in Gujarat state. I am a dancer, a foodie, a traveler by passion and a brand strategist by profession. I have a strong belief in the quote "Jobs fill your pocket while adventure fills your soul". I've been traveling since I was 3. Traveling is in my blood. I keep on challenging myself with new and risky adventures to keep myself alive. My bucket list has no full stop. I want to dance and travel till my last breath.