Hello, I’m Ellie.

Born in England, I’ve called quite a few places home: Spain, Germany, France, Texas & now… Arizona.

I love to travel! Fast or slow, sometimes on a budget and sometimes not. I’m just as happy eating noodle soup on a sidewalk in Hanoi as I am having afternoon tea at the Ritz.

Some of my most memorable travel experiences include; Staying in a tree house in Pai, dining at the top of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, island-hopping in Thailand (and Greece), watching Monks go by in Luang Prabang, hanging out with Gypsies in Rajasthan, a desert camel safari in Jaisalmer, Bangkok street foodskiing hot-tubbing in Switzerland, one month in a Kerala yoga ashram and dodging motorbikes (and death) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I could go on…

But nothing yet has ever come close to my first trip to India. Backpacking solo around India at age 19 ignited my wanderlust. The experience opened my eyes and freed me from ever feeling the need to conform to societal norms and cultural expectations. I realized early on that to live a happy life I had to find the courage to be true to my authentic free-spirited self.

I’ve been self-employed and living a laptop lifestyle, I guess as a Digital Nomad, for nearly a decade. Long before the term Digital Nomad was invented. I love that I can work from anywhere: a cute coffee shop, a beach, or a mountain top (if there’s wifi).

I created Jetset Bunny to indulge my passion for travel and to bring together a community of like-minded, globe-hopping sisters. I also figured I should probably put all that traipsing around the planet to good use. I’m so excited about what this website could become and where it could lead. The connections to be made and the new trips to be inspired are my driving force.

I hope Jetset Bunny can be a useful resource to anyone that happens to stumble upon it.

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Happy travels,

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