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Whatever your travel style; backpacker, flash-packer or luxe vacationer… if the thought of going some place new gives you butterflies, you can’t take your eyes off a hot pink sunset and you love to feel the wind in your hair… you’ve found your tribe!

Welcome to our community of fearless female travelers. Well, some of us are still working on that fearless part… ahem, that will be me the founder.

Jetset Bunny welcomes new Jetset Bunnies from all over the world who regularly contribute their own unique travel style and perspectives, sharing crazy, inspiring, often too honest and sometimes downright hilarious travel tales and tips. To all the adventurous female travelers out there, let’s get together to inspire and be inspired. To travel better, to travel more and to laugh, often at our major TRAVEL FAILS.

travel adventure blog

TOP TRAVEL FAILS SO FAR: Patpong Ping Pong Show / One Day Late For A Very Important Flight / Beat Up Backpacking India Solo / The Bhang Lassi That Blew My Head Off The End Of My Hot Indian Dude Interlude… there’ll be plenty more.

Jetset Bunny gets personal: Reflections, musing & travel diaries.
Exploring the world and the wonderful people in it!
Practical Travel Tips by Female Travelers for all Women With Wanderlust

We would love to bring you with us on our trips (virtually of course) as we attend an eco yoga retreat in Bali, discover hash smoking holy men in India, hike to Bhutan’s sacred Tiger’s Nest Monastery, spend 26 hours on a train to do yoga in Varanasi, prepare for an Everest Base Camp trek, hang out with gypsies in Rajasthanvolunteer in Nepal, paraglide over Rio and so much more.

travel adventure blog

female travel bloggers

female travel blogger

travel adventure blog

Wanderlust: A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.woman travel blogger

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