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Jetset Bunny aims to inspire the globe-gallivanting gypsy in you.

Inclined to hop on a jet-plane, boat, train, tuk tuk or camel when you can? Join our community of free-spirited fashionistas, haute hippies, bohemians and nomads. Let’s get together to inspire and be inspired. To cultivate a care-free curiosity and an ageless joie de vivre. To celebrate our beautiful, elegant, effervescence. To savor life’s deliciously precious moments. To sparkle as we dance to the top, sharing our vibrant light with others, as we work on being the best version of ourselves, inside and out, wherever we may roam.

We would love to bring you with us on our trips (virtually of course) as we attend an eco yoga retreat in Bali, discover hash smoking Sadhus in India, hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, visit Bhutan’s sacred Tiger’s Nest Monastery, spend 26 hours on a train to do yoga in Varanasi, prepare for an Everest Base Camp trek, hang out with gypsies in Rajasthanvolunteer in Nepal, paraglide over Rio and so much more.

Whether your travel style is backpacking, flash-packing, adventure travel, family vacations or weekend city breaks, we’ve got you covered.

travel adventure blogOn Jetset Bunny finding inspiration for your next trip won’t be a tough job. Besides, most of our readers already have a severe case of insatiable wanderlust or at the very least the travel bug. With world travel guides written by women for women on over 60 countries simply pick a place.World Travel Guides

Ok we get it, picking the place is actually the hard part, considering there are so many incredible destinations to visit in this wicked world of ours.  So how about seeking some inspiration within our list of the top 100 worldwide travel adventures. That is if adrenaline-filled, awe-inspiring and fear-inducing escapades are your kinda thing.

100 Worldwide Travel Adventures

Narrow it down further by choosing one of our top 25 travel adventures in the continent you most want to visit: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America or Oceania.

It’s the journey, not the destination, so they say.

Or is it actually the people you meet along the way? As much as we love to explore far flung destinations, we also have a fascination with people. All people, from all corners of the globe. Take inspiration from our featured travelers, or delve into the culture and age-old traditions of tribes and natives.

People Culture Tribes Nomads

Travel gear.

You really don’t need that much. That said, the gear you do bring on your trip should be the right gear. Jetset Bunnies around the globe are always discovering the latest and greatest women’s travel gear. Check it out!

Ultimate Packing Guide & Travel Gear Essentials For Women Travelers

Last but not least and perhaps the most fun part of the trip planning journey is packing!

If you’ve found your travel inspiration, figured out the practicalities and got the travel gear it’s time to stuff it all in a bag and go right? Well, no, hold your horses, you see there’s an art to packing which we have (almost) perfected. Hop to our Travel Packing Tips for all of the latest on this topic.

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