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If it’s your first time visiting this blog then the answer’s yes! So welcome new reader… you probably found your way here because, like us, you love to travel right? Awesome! You have arrived.

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Whatever your travel style; backpacker, flash-packer or luxe vacationer… if the thought of going some place new gives you butterflies, you can’t take your eyes off a hot pink sunset and you love to feel the wind in your hair… welcome to our community of fearless female travelers!

Well, some of us are still working on that fearless part (ahem… me).

Who Is Jetset Bunny?

I guess I’m the original Jetset Bunny because I’m the founder of the blog (I’m Ellie btw). I consider myself a bit of a Jetsetter and I love nothing more than hopping (see where the bunny part comes in) on a jet plane, train, tuk tuk or… camel… to my next adventure.

As much as I love dressing up, I also love dressing down. I’m just as happy sitting on a curb in India eating $1 street food as I am having afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton in Vienna.

Anyway, more about me later, firstly let’s talk Jetset Bunny… the Travel Blog!

Women With Wanderlust

Wanderlust Definition: A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

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Jetset Bunny welcomes new Jetset Bunnies from all over the world who regularly contribute their own unique travel style and perspectives, sharing their crazy, inspiring, often too honest and sometimes downright hilarious travel tales and tips. More the merrier right? But hold on… don’t think for a second that if you’re not writing for the blog you’re not a part of the Jetset Bunny tribe… oh no no… Jetset Bunny was built for you, dear reader, so please make yourself at home and consider us to be your online travel buddies.

Female Travel Writer Website

Jetset Bunny is where adventurous female travelers come together to inspire and be inspired, to travel better, to travel more and to laugh… often at our major travel fails… a whole lot! We want to bring you with us on our travels (virtually of course) as we attend for the very first time an eco yoga retreat in Bali, discover hash smoking holy men in India, prepare for an Everest Base Camp trek, hang out with Gypsies in Rajasthanvolunteer in Nepal, paraglide over Rio and so much more.

Meet the current team of Jetset Bunny Travel Writers here.

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What will you find at Jetset Bunny?

I have no problem navigating the globe but how do I navigate this damn website? … you might ask. Consider Jetset Bunny to be a giant melting pot of all things travel related and pick and choose what most floats your boat, just as you would on a constantly revolving sushi conveyer belt.


Female Travel Blog


 This is where we share stories about our latest adventures plus tips and travel advice about visiting certain places.


The people you meet while traveling often make the trip. I meet so many incredible people on my travels. If you’re an expat, nomad, or just have a fun trip coming up then I would love to share your story with the Jetset Bunny tribe… get in touch.


Tips and advice for travelers who need help with what to pack. There’s some fashion and style articles here too and I recommend any new travel related product I find that I think you will like or benefit from.


The How To’s of the site to help you not make the same epic travel fails I have. As funny as my fails are… they were pretty much all avoidable. First practical tip: Don’t travel without a sense of humor.


This is where we get personal and share a bit about ourselves, reflections and super deep thoughts about travel stuff 😉 Random rambling and various musings from the bunny bloggers (that’s bloggers… not boilers!). If you’re just interested in travel stuff… save yourself by skipping this category entirely.

For Jetset Bunny newbies I recommend choosing the destination that most interests you by clicking on Places in the menu or here. That’s the best place to start!

I’m Ellie, the travel blogger behind Jetset Bunny.

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When I’m not hopping on planes (or tuk tuks) you’ll find me admiring cactuses and sunsets in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Since leaving England at age 19 for a life of travel adventures I’ve done downward dogs in over 40 countries, backpacked solo around India and explored most of Southeast Asia and Europe. I’ve called London, Barcelona, Paris, Marbella, Frankfurt and… El Paso… home.

In a nutshell

I’m a liberal (very), frugal minimalist (except when it comes to handbags), millennial (yay avocados), vegetarian (95% – there’s the occasional lapse), intermittent faster (16:8), flash-packer, FIRE enthusiast, yogi and when necessary a tough cookie… with a big heart (shhh).

You’ll often find me

Planning a new trip, practicing yoga, chugging coffee, writing lists, at a Pure Barre class, reading Quora, concocting awful tasting smoothies, smothering my little dog with hugs and kisses (until he plays dead), driving my Fiat 500 at super high speeds (daily), trying to rein in my leopard print obsession (it’s not working) and doing a happy dance (flinging arms and legs about randomly to music).

…& working my *behind* off on this blog! 🙂

Female travel blogger

Thanks for reading, stop by often and don’t be a stranger! If you like this blog please do share it with your friends using the social icons on the left or below… thank you!

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Wishing you a wonderful day…

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