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It’s easy really to pack up your bags and hop on a plane with a huge a group of friends. Having people to rely on for making plans and having fun can really turn a trip into a holiday. It’s totally different packing that bag and hopping on that plane alone as a solo female traveler. Sure, there are pros and cons to both and, of course, there’s no right or wrong way to travel.

So, whether you’re into dancing the night away on Thailand’s beaches with new found friends, or if being lost alone through the crazy streets of Beirut is more you, solo travel is definitely one thing every woman should try at some point in her in life.

Here’s why;

You’ll talk to strangers

As a solo female traveler you’re basically forced to talk to strangers. Even if you’re not the confident type, at some point you’re going to need to ask for directions or you’re going to get hungry and need to eat. Granted, it can be daunting at first, but it constantly amazes me how little greetings can go such a long way when you’re traveling alone. Simply asking which bus to take can lead to new friendships and there is literally no guide book more reliable than recommendations from locals and fellow travelers. You’re 100% going to come away from your solo trip with a new-found confidence.

Reasons To Embrace Being A Solo Female Traveler

This is me in Saudia Arabia

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Traveling alone as a woman: You’re 100% going to come away from your solo trip with a new-found confidence. Read more... #solofemaletravel #solotravel #traveltips Click To Tweet

You’ll end up saying yes to things you’d usually say no to

There’s something about travel that makes me ooze spontaneity. Things that I would usually overthink at home all of a sudden become a no-brainer. Eat dodgy food from a dodgy road side vendor? Ok sure. Take a dicey public bus over the border? Of course. Drive a rickshaw through India? I’m totally up for that. I’m not saying you’ll become irresponsible, but I am saying that you’ll learn to push your boundaries, and you’ll also learn to be totally comfortable with it. A great transferable skill for real world decisions.

Solo Female Traveler

Everest Base Camp Trek

Above: My Everest Base Camp trek which you can read about here

You can do what you want, when you want

Gone are the days of thinking of other people. Get up when you want. Go to bed when you want. Eat what you want. See what you want. Not everyone has the same travel style. I love being alone and going to see weird things if I want to. I also love waking up at the crack of dawn and roaming random streets whilst the day is just stirring. Not many people appreciate that! It’s not often we get to solely please ourselves, solo travel is the perfect opportunity.

Reasons To Embrace Being A Solo Female Traveler

Time to myself as a solo female traveler

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You’ll learn to rely on yourself

Major life skill alert. You will become crazy savvy. It’s amazing what you learn when you’re alone with nobody to rely on. All of a sudden you become master map reader (trying not to get lost), mathematical genius (currency conversion and budgeting), health and fitness guru (eating, drinking, exercise, water and vaccination habits), internet mastermind (flight and accommodation bookings), confident story teller (from meeting new people and swapping notes on experiences), pro trouble shooter (from all those times you lost stuff, lost you and generally got through difficult situations), history and culture buff (from all the research) and all round independent, self-sufficient bad ass.

Solo Female Traveler

You’ll set yourself free

Cliché? Probably.

But I promise you, once you solo travel once, you’ll get where I’m coming from. Everyday becomes exciting, every second is a challenge and with that comes an overwhelming feeling of success and appreciation for what you’re seeing and, also, for what you’re creating. You’ll travel differently to what you do when you’re with friends because you’ll be pushed outside your comfort zone. Sure, it’s scary at first and booking that first trip takes courage. Sit down, research, think things through and talk to other solo female travelers.

Once you take the plunge you’ll start to see the world through different eyes and that will stay with you way beyond your first solo trip.

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5 reasons to embrace being a solo female traveler

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